Oasis Water Park, er uh. Knott's Soak City U.S.A.

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Saturday, August 11, 2001 7:13 PM
Well I just got back from a fun 3 day vacation in Palm Springs...staying at the Ritz Carlton:):):) Any who, we went to Oasis Waterpark today before we headed home and this is what happend.

Got to the park at 10:53, 7 minutes before opening and we had pre-ordered our tics from Food 4 Less. Well they opened the gate thingy and we went in. Got to our spot next to the massive wave pool, put on the Sun-Tan lotion and then my brother and I headed toward the tube pick up/drop off for the Black Widow

Black Widow: 10/10
Great water ride. Best in So Cali IMO. It's a 2 person tube ride. You are enclosed and it is PITCH BLACK! You can't see anything. At the end there is a mist machine so you can't see when you come out. Very cool, must ride if ever there.

This is a very steep droping ride. Only about 5-10 seconds long and it's ScArY the first time. You get to the top and look down when it's your turn and thinking in your mind," What the **** am I doing?!?" They tell you that you can go and you're off. You think you're going to fall off and then you're slowing down. A great ride.

1 person non-tube slide with a helix ending finale. Closed tube, really fun. Great Speed.

Shark Attack:8/10
2 or 3 seater water slide. Open. Newest ride in the park. Took the place of the beloved Rattler:(
Starts out in a small 270 degree turn and some little 90 degree turns into one last 270 degree turn into mist and a huge drop. Really fun.

The other 2 rides there are really fun and a must go on but I felt lazy and decided to stay in the wave pool body bording for the rest of the day:)

One last thing, I overheard the President and VP of the park and they were talking about next years new ride. Either it's the code name, whatever it is, It's "name" is Rip Tide and will be like a family raft ride like Lake Compounce's new water ride. I heard in the area to the left of the wave pool. And lastly, sorry, but the staff and life guards there are now sporting Knott's hats and Knott's Soak City U.S.A. shirts:( ver sad to see.

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Sunday, August 12, 2001 5:00 PM
They got rid of the Rattler? NOOOOOO! I hope the new ride is worth it... Good report though, I love that little park.

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