Oakwood closed after roller coaster car becomes "loose" and man falls out

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A witness at a Welsh theme park says screams were heard and rollercoaster carriages appeared "loose" in an incident that injured a man. Oakwood Theme Park, in Pembrokeshire, remains closed following the accident on its Treetops ride on Sunday.

Read more form The BBC.

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Hopefully the passenger that fell out ends up okay. This is one of those Zierer Tivoli coasters like Harley Quinn Crazy Train at Great Adventure. Even though its kind of a kiddie coaster, having those long trains can create some really interesting forces on the extreme front and extreme back of the trains.

I always remember being mesmerized at the size of the train on Roadrunner Express at Six Flags WoA/Geauga Lake. I also remember the entire ride felt weird/out of pace because of it.

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That's where my mind went as well. Come to think of it, that might be the only one I've seen in real life. To Rob's point, it makes for some really weird dynamics with such a long train.

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I don't know that this all makes sense. The skeptic in me wonders if the operator watched horseplay in the back car as the train was ascending the hill, frobbed the E-stop and that caused the train to stall out and may have contributed to the victim's untimely exit from the car.

People just don't fall out of Ladybugs. There was something else going on.

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The witness accounts imply the last several cars derailed, which could presumably toss a passenger.

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