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I am going to be in New York City (Manhattan) at the end of the month and was wondering if a day at Six Flags Great Adventure is worth it over a day in Manhattan (which I have done many, many times). The only day I would be able to make it work would be a Friday where park hours are posted as 10:30-6. It looks like I could get a NJ Transit out of the NY Port Authority that probably wouldn't get me to the park until 11:30 or so and I'd have to catch the return bus at 5:30. Having never been - worth the trip?

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Great Adventure can be thought of as the east coast flagship of the chain. I would certainly swing by if it is during a slower time of year for the park since you have only a portion of the day. El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka, all excellent rides. They are opening a Tourbillon flat this year. Granted you are asking a coaster site whether its worth visiting a park, so we are skewed to begin with. I would make the trip for sure.

It's a park I have wanted to visit for a long time. It's more just wondering if this particular scenario (2 hour bus ride each way from Manhattan, only about six hours in the park, an early season Friday that could potentially be loaded with kids and/or a half operating park) was something that seemed "worth it" to anyone who has been there before or if I should stay in Manhattan and hit this park another way another time.

I’m all for going to new parks when I get the chance, and that SF is one of the best for thrilling ride experiences.
That trip sounds awful, though. I don’t even like going to Coney from midtown, and that’s on a train.
If it was up to me I’d find something awesome to do in Manhattan, there always is, and sadly save my SF trip for a time when I could do it right. I’d be afraid 4 hours on the bus for maximum 5 at the park would just be a recipe to piss me off.

My .02.

I went to Great Adventure the last Friday in April a few years ago. It is almost all schools there, for Physics Day or something similar and music competitions. Lines weren't too bad, especially the last 2 hours when schools leave and the ones that where there for the music competiton go to the old stunt arena for the awards ceremony leaving the rides mostly empty. Everything should be running except the water rides.

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It would possibly be worth it to me if I had a car. The thought of taking public transportation from Manhattan to Jackson, NJ isn't at all appealing to me.

I wasn't able to get tickets for an event I was hoping to go to that Friday, and then I was able to get a dirt cheap rental car for the day. I will go explore the park for the day, but not have to do the bus. Win-win.

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El Toro and Nitro are simply wonderful ride experiences; in fact I think Nitro remains my favorite B & M hyper (but it's been awhile). Batman is intense...a really well layed-out invert....

But wow, if you don't have El Toro in your credit box, that's a must if you're in the area.

Overall, the park has a nice atmosphere about it. Do you have RCT2? Open it up and take a park tour circa 2002. ;)

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I almost pulled the trigger on a very similar plan, Brett. I didn't because it's FOUR HOURS on a bus, and it's not going to be a high quality clientele you're sitting next to either. This might be a nice time of year to do it, but with that excruciating bus ride and only six hours in the park, it's not worth it.

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