Nuclear Water Wonderland

A nuclear-plant-turned-theme-park? I didn't know this existed. The park is called Kernwasser-Wunderland. I did some googling and found some more information. Weird.

Park Website:


Some picutres:


Dang! Are there any kid sized flats rides that they don't have?

Has anyone else play Call of Duty 4? You actually infiltrate the Chernobyl site and your last stand before escaping is in front of a giant ferris wheel. That place is hella nuclear.

That is a cool park, i like the quads you can race.
Never played the game, but did the ferris wheel look something like THIS one?

Pripyat has many of the more famous symbols from the Chernobyl site including that abandoned amusement park, and those apartment buildings right behind it that are empty. Do a Google search and you'll find an insane number of links to the abandonment of not only the amusement park but the city in general.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

The game is an exact replica. Even the apartment buildings.

BTW, the park used to be called "Kernwasser Wunderland" (roughly translating to "Nuclear Water Wonderland", "Kern" can mean core, nucleus or seed though) until 2005, but now it's called "Wunderland Kalkar" -
It is on the site of a failed breeder reactor construction project that was never operating even though it was completely operational at one point...
The reactor was a big political issue for a while in Germany as there were lots of protests against nuclear power at the time, and in the end it never went into operation.

Still... I wouldn't really want to make holidays in a nuclear power plant...
oh well. (I thought only Americans were crazy.)
Oh wait... the whole thing is a project organised from the Netherlands... that makes some sense
:) :) :)
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airtime for everyone

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