Now, THIS takes the Theming-Cake

Happy Valley in China attempts to outdo Disney and Universal with their theming. And somehow they seem to manage it. (If you ignore the naked Disc-o).

Take a look at these pictures (possible slow loading times) and hold on to your socks! It is totally mindblowing!

wiki wiki wiki wiki...ahh shut up!
AMAZING...I would say that's the nicest theming of "standard" rides I've ever seen.

The theming reminds me of Disney Sea. In fact the park looks like it's 2nd possibly only to DisneySea, and that'san amazing accomplishment!

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My first thought was "How could anyone ignore a naked disco?" and then I realized you were talking about the ride.

Seriously, I thought you were talking about some kind of messed-up show or something.

I can say as far as the flying coaster, here is a definite example of how theming can make a ride something totally different. Although the layout is the same as the single station Supermen here, the ride was amazing. The track snakes its way through a maze of mountainous ravines making you feel like you are constantly skimming the walls.

We actually had a few riders reduced to tears when they got off in just the first few days of the public riding it....hysterical crying was a first for me :-P. The rest of the park is completely themed and really cool to wander through. Of course though the best part has to be the occasional ingrish :). On that note, reminding myself to not get any shirts with Chinese characters on it :). *** Edited 7/25/2006 3:13:57 AM UTC by Wolfhound***


OMG that is absoulutley amazing! *** Edited 7/25/2006 3:26:21 AM UTC by CD***
What a beautiful park!

That Superman clone looks great. It's amazing what some theming could do to an otherwise boring layout, and grass doesn't count!

It appears that their custom SLC is a clone of Kumali. I really like the layout of this new generation of SLC. And from every report I've read, Kumali is a smooth ride (so far). ;)

My only question/concern would be if they will be able to maintain the theming?

Yeah is Good!
It's the smallest things that make the difference. Like the snakes crawling up the legs of the Giant Huss Frisbee.

One thing though, in one of the pictures, you see a giant power line in the background.

Maybe it's themeing. ;) *** Edited 7/25/2006 4:26:12 AM UTC by Keith2005***

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How did I not know about this coaster?

Edit: I see now. The park is brand freaking new.

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Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
WOW - Is this place for real? I thought for sure this was a mode! Im speachless.

Gotta love the things you can do with cheap labor. ;)

A day at the park is what you make it!

Here is a article on this park.

happy valley

Army Rangers lead the way
That is incredible, my jaw just about dropped at looking at Black Mamba, but it DID drop looking at that flyer. The ammount of work that went into those rides (even flats) is amazing. Is there anything else inside that mountain/temple? or is that ALL just for the coaster?
Freakin' sweet!

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No wonder there's talk of WDI outsourcing imagineering projects. Those folks in Glendale should be a little nervous.

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Holy sweet Jesus that's beautiful.
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Ooh! I see a movie tie-in... Snakes on a Frisbee!


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I... am going to punch you for that.
The mountain there is purely for the fact in some areas, we needed to convince them they couldn't close it fully off because the footers need to be inspected. I don't think Disney has to worry just yet :), but they did an amazing job still.

What I loved is some of the shots I got from the queue line. I have 2 that I think really gives some great perspective of what the ride is like travelling through the mountain, but I have no way to easily host them. If someone else wants to, let me know and I'll send them.


Were you involved in the project, Brian?
Man, I really wish I had three things..........

1) The money to go check this place out

2) The ability to speak Chinese so I would not be lost

3) Enough of a stomach to better handle more of a variety of chinese food for the period of time i would be there

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