Nov 2-4, 2018 Hersheypark, SFGAdv, Hersheypark

Hit Hersheypark on Friday. It was raining but many of the rides were running other than Skyrush and Stormrunner. Made the unwise decision of riding Fahrenheit twice in a row as a solo rider on both trains and then going right for Laff Trakk right after. Fahrenheit made me slightly dizzy due to keeping my eyes closed and Laff Trakk was spinning in the dark. I then hit Lightning Racer for many rides. A couple of times in a row, I was the only person on either train. Fortunately, it was warm enough to ride even while it rained. I got there at around 6 and stayed until about 10. I lost track of how many rides I got in.

Saturday, the 3rd, at SFGAdv had to be one of the best days I've ever had there. I got there at about 1:30 and marathoned Nitro for about 45 minutes. The ONLY ride that wasn't a walk on that day was El Toro which I only rode once during the daytime. Everything else was ride as many times as I wanted without walking out of the station. Wandered, aimlessly through the park hitting whatever I wanted, as often as I wanted. The only thing that never ran, most likely due to the wind was Kingda Ka. I don't like that ride, anyways. Prefer Dragster. At 6pm, I started my 50 minute marathon on Nitro. At 7, I got in line for what I had hoped would be my 60 minute marathon on El Toro. Unfortunately and fortunately, they were still only running 1 train. Unfortunately, because this was only the second time out of 8 visits that during the final hour of the night that I actually had to walk out of the station and had to walk back in. The rest of the hour, I marathoned. The most I had to do is bounce to another row. Fortunately, with El Toro only using one train meant never having to wait for the 2nd train to get out of the way. I think I got close to 15 rides in during that last hour, give or take a couple. I really LOVE parks and chains who allow marathoning, unlike that other chain 6 Flags competes with. Best Day Ever! At least until the next day....

Sunday, I got to Hersheypark for season passholder appreciation which allowed passholders ONLY into the park for 2 hours before the park opened to the public. Things started out pretty crappy because, due to the big construction project, they have shifted the preferred and season pass parking towards Hersheypark Blvd which has no access to trams and means much more walking than if you just go to the general lots which have access to the trams which drop you off at the front gate. So, I drove between the cones and parked by the tram stop. After dealing with that crazily thought out plan, I got into the park and started my new Best Day Ever. I know many of you have ridden Skyrush and opinions of it are all over the place. All I know is that it is my number 1 coaster, ever. One thing everyone seems to agree on is that it is super intense. The ejector air is like no other coaster I've ever experienced. Well, other than a 1 train pee break, this 50 year old marathoned that beast for nearly 90 minutes, in or near the back row and most of the time, in a winged seat. With only 1 train running, I lost count as to how many rides I got in. The rest of the day, ride wait times varied, but it was very cool how much sooner it got dark due to daylight savings ending that morning. I can't even tell you how many rides I got in on everything else. The only coaster closed was Sooper Dooper Looper. So, the last couple of hours of the night came and I thought I would marathon Skyrush some more. I tried one ride and my lap was not too happy due to the insane amount of rides I got in earlier, so, I figured I would just finish up with Lightning Racer. I rode it a few times and started feeling a little queasy. I figured it was just time to leave. But, with only 30 minutes until closing and me walking right by Skyrush, I figured I would give the Tanner from Ohio Valley Coasters method of riding Skyrush another try. So, sitting as far forward as possible and having more pressure from the lapbar on my hip, I ended getting 4 more rides in and loving it. Awesome way to end this trip. Can't wait to see what the new coaster at Hersheypark is actually going to be like.

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I’m glad you had a good time, but a lot of that sounds like misery. Especially the rain. But I’m older and crankier than you.

I was totally prepared for rain...brought plenty of clothes, an umbrella...but...only one pair of shoes. Luckily they dried on the hotel furnace overnight. If it had been cold, the rain would have truly sucked. But, in some cases, the rain makes things more fun. My best rides on The Voyage were in the rain and moved it up in my coaster ranking.

Nice report, I was at Hersheypark on November 4th as well. I didn't power ride since it was not a solo trip but did get my final rides on the coasters that were closing for the season that day. Friday nights and Sunday's during Hersheypark in the Dark is always one of my favorite times of the year to visit the park since it's a rare opportunity to visit the park when crowds are usually very low. I'm hoping to get back once or twice more for Candylane even though the coaster selection isn't the greatest.

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^My friend and I will be hitting Hersheypark, Great Adventure and Sesame Place, Dec 22-24th. Maybe we'll see you there.

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