Not sure whether to laugh..

The kid COULD have been hurt, but wasn't.

Ever watch football and watch a receiver take a big hit and go flying in the air? Chances are you laugh a bit even though the guy could have been hurt pretty badly. To me, the two don't seem all that different if you look at it that way.

It's almost like when we look at say, a celebrity divorce or some thing. It's terrible, yet we can't stop watching.

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Face it- tragedy is fascinating, and when it's almost-tragedy, there will always be a faction of people that find it a little humorous. Correct or not, that's just the way people are and the way things go.
Ok I thought that was funny. I actually think if they played this video at the "Reasons you shouldnt ride this ride" sign, I think it will make people think twice. I am sure it wasnt fun for that kid and I think the ride ops should have done something before.

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I always assumed that faction was sixth grade? But, then again, maybe it's just me. I didn't exactly run out and rent Jackass when it was released. :)

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I find that video highly disturbing yet very, very funny at the same time. The kid seemed to have come out okay, which is a plus. Not saying that made it ok for the chick to ignore him, but at least he came out alive.

There are many sides to every story...and I'm sure this video doesn't tell the whole story.

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I could understand the mother there at the start not looking over because she was having fun and his screams could have been just because he was scared (thinking how she might have been thinking) but much is enough before you realize something isn't right?

Now her laughing at the end could have been a defense mechanism as she probably was scared to death that the boy about fell out.

The only thing funny about the video was that it might be argueable that her laugh was contageous.

Gemini said:
I always assumed that faction was sixth grade? But, then again, maybe it's just me. I didn't exactly run out and rent Jackass when it was released.

I did... actually, I own both movies. I guess that's saying something about me? ;)

jesus christ! i'm 26 years old and if i was on a ride that i was slipping out of, i'd be screaming louder than he is! that's no joke, that kid's lucky to be alive, and that right there is probally the closest you'll ever see anyone come to a ride fatality and live so the rest of the world can laugh. i'm a pretty insensative guy, but still, i didn't find that funny at all, only sketched me out about riding a slingshot
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^Knowing that I have little fear of heights, I would of probably LOVED it!

I feel bad for the kid, though. I am sure it was traumatic. :(


Regardless of whether he liked it or not, it must have been a rush!
For me there is a big difference between being "scared" on a ride and having a panic attack. My eyes saw a kid who was having a panic attack, and I did not find it funny at all. I suspect he was not in danger of falling out. However, those straps looked to be digging in, causing enough pain to throw any "fun" aspects of the ride out the window.
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That looked like a Skyscraper to me. But I havent been on one. I am fat. This is why. There was something about that harness and it being the ONLY means of restraint. I just didnt feel it was safe enough for me to consider riding it.

Having watched it a second time, the straps under his chin had to hurt, but i think the worst of the pain we couldn't see. He was sliding downward in the seat and his stones had to be mashed in the crotch strap. That being the case, I'd probably be saying a lot worse than 'it-hurts it hurts ithurts ithurts!!!!"

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Is it just me or didn't this video come up before? I could have sworn it was posted and discussed already, but I'm not at a computer to search.

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