Not Another South Trip - Part Three (Lake Winnie)

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Not Another South Trip – Part Three

August 29th, 2004

“Go! NOW!”

After the amount of driving we did the past two days, it was nice to make a nice hour and half stroll to another park. Once I was up and ready (this time at the correct time), Jeff Johnson and I took the rental car and followed Robert and his wife Peggy (who graciously made us tasty muffins in the morning) to the next park on our trip.

Along the way Jeff and I pulled off to fuel up. Robert gave us some directions on how to get to the park. Once we were back on the road we attempted to follow the directions, but they were wrong. We made a quick call to Robert who explained that we still had a 20 minute drive before we reached our exit.

Robert’s “new” directions were accurate and we soon saw signs telling us where the park was. Jeff and I decided to play a joke on Robert. Once we knew we were about a mile from the park, we called Robert and told him we were in Tennessee. Fifty miles into Tennessee to be exact. As we pulled into the parking lot of the park we could see Robert talking to us on the phone and then give us a smirk as he realized he had been had.

====Lake Winnie===

Both times I have been to this park I have never been able to spend more than 2 hours in it. This day would be no different. Robert had arranged an ACE regional event to take place on this day. Not only did we get ERT on the main coaster in the park, but the event was totally free! You can’t beat a deal like that. Once inside, Jeff and I headed back for ERT.

----Cannon Ball----

The park takes great care of this out-and-back, and it really shows. Not only does the coaster look gorgeous, but the trains flow over each and every hill with ease. This is one coaster that won’t beat you up, at least in its current condition. Even though we were riding the coaster in the morning, the ride was still dishing out airtime.

Jeff hadn’t been on two of the coasters in the park so we headed over to them next.

---Wild Lightnin’---

The last time I had ridden this L&T Systems mouse I thought it was the most laterally driven mouse I have ever ridden. It was one step away from being not-fun, but it was a blast to ride. It was that crazy. I wasn’t aware this coaster needed time to wake up as the ride we got was far from what I remembered it. We rode it again later and it did improve quite a bit.

As we were leaving the ride we met up with Joe Campenlla, Matt Dingledey, and a few other enthusiasts. Joe and I have been missing each other at events and parks this year. It was great getting to hang out with him as he has always been a good friend. I have only known Matt for a few years but we always have a good time when we do get to hang out. The rest of the time I spent at the park was riding various rides including the Wagon that used to operator at Hersheypark. The park recently had to turn the speed down as they thought it was a bit too intense. When I rode it last May it was still running like a bat out of hell.

---Wacky Worm---

Yes. Another one. No more comment is needed. =:^)

We also took a ride on the boat ride that ends with a splash down in the lake. This has got to be the darkest boat ride out there as the long tunnel is so dark you couldn’t see Richard Simmons if he was sitting in front of you, then again, I guess that’s a good thing, depending on your point of view.

Once we were done with the boat ride we took a quick group shot before Jeff and I decided to leave. Robert had told us that Déjà Vu at Six Flags Over Georgia was to reopen later this day as well as the brand new kiddie coaster.

Jeff and I left the nice people and atmosphere of Lake Winnie and headed back to Atlanta. As we reached the vicinity of Atlanta we were welcomed by tons of traffic (we were in Atlanta after all) and a heavy thunderstorm. By the time we reached Six Flags, the rain had stopped but there was still lighting in the vicinity.

We pulled up to the front gate and I let Jeff out so he could walk up and ask if the rides were going to start back up soon as we didn’t see any activity. About 10 seconds after he left the car a female security guard walked up to the passenger side of the car and pounded on the window.

“Get your car moving NOW! You can’t park here,” she said.

I rolled down the window to tell her I wasn’t parking but waiting for my friend who was now walking back to the car. I pointed him out to her but this obviously wasn’t good enough for the guard. She proceeded to scream at me and tell me I was breaking the law by not moving. I honestly didn’t have time to even put the car into gear before she started up.

I looked up in front of me and noticed two cars parked, with their passengers leaning up against their vehicles. I pointed this out to the guard but she played dumb and acted like she didn’t see it. She screamed at me some more before I ended up zooming away and leaving Jeff standing there. I pulled out of the area and pulled back around to pick Jeff back up. As he was getting in the car I could see her running back towards the car so we left.

I am all for park security but the way this woman acted was very poor. I feel that if a rule is going to be put in place, it should be enforced on everyone. The fact that the woman ignored the vehicles sitting in front of me made me think less of park security.
Had the rides been running there was no chance I would have entered the park after getting screamed at. It didn’t really matter though as everything was closed for a while. On the bright side I saved $40 by not going in. Normally I have a great time at the park so I know I just ran into a bad employee at the wrong time.

Jeff and I decided to head back to the airport and camp out there until our flight left. We grabbed some food once we were inside. Soon our flights left and we made our way back to our normal lives.

Another successful trip in the books!

Of course, this trip wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Robert Ulrich and his awesome family. He saved us a ton of money by letting him stay there and use his rental car. Of course doing another trip with Jeff was cool as well. With three big trips in as many weeks you would probably think I would get tired of traveling with him. Not a chance. Anytime.

To say this trip was unique was an understatement. I have done many trips this year but this one was so different than the rest. There weren’t a whole lot of parks but there was a lot of driving, a lot of Wacky Worms, and whole lot of fun.

Thanks for reading,


Sean - It was nice seeing you again. Crossing paths is becoming a regular thing, I guess.

I was a little dissappointed by Lake Winnie this year. While I shouldn't be complaining since the event was free, and the Cannonball is the smoothest wood in GA, the state of their flat rides seems to be on the decline. I can't blame the park for the lame speed change of the Conestoga, but the Genie (Super Round-Up) wasn't operating and the Tilt-A-Whirl was in poor shape.

I'm sure next year we'll see some great improvements at Lake Winnie if all goes well with the transplants from Panama City. I'm happy that there will be some new-to-GA attractions to experience, and the setting at Lake Winnie is pristine.

After our 2-hour stint at the park, we headed to Dollywood to take in some Thunderhead rides. Too bad you didn't join us and ended up getting the shaft at SFOG. I'm sure Deja Vu wasn't open, as the park told me once - "If there is any chance of rain in the vicinity of North GA, they won't even try to open it." - And no, it wasn't the Dippin' Dots guy.

-Matt D.
They've changed the speed on the Conestoga?


I can totally blame them for that, and I've definately never had a ride on that thing that I felt was too intense.

Oh well, no more airtime poker. ;)

Chattanooga needs a [B][I]ITG2[/I][/B] Machine!

Yea, it did suck I didn't get to go to Dollywood with you but I did get my fix a couple of days before.

I am going to Orlando in just a couple more weeks. Maybe I will run into one of you guys again?


Yep, the speed has been changed. I noticed it during our first ride. I just thought there wasn't enough weight in the vehicle or something considering there were only two of us riding. Once we got more people to ride with, it seemed to go the slower speed as our first ride.

When we asked the ride operator if the ride use to operate faster, he claimed the park was forced to turn it down for some reason. I don't know how true that is but the ride was running slower.


And that was my favorite Flat there too.

Oh well, more Orbiter rides for me.....

Chattanooga needs a [B][I]ITG2[/I][/B] Machine!
Lake Winnie and Dollywood, an unbeatable combination. Sean, you take the coolest trips. I am not sure that I could keep up w/ your pace, but I like your determination. I just hope to make the 200 mark next summer.
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I really enjoyed Lake Winnie during my very first visit earlier this Spring, and that Boat Chute is probably one of the creepiest rides I have ever been on.........I guess because of the "tunnel". It's dark and quiet but you can hear some pretty strange, scary sounds. The tunnel is almost TOO long for me, since I get claustrophobic rather easily. :-(


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Thanks. I figure that I might as well do these trips now when I have the time because you never know when there is going to be a road block down the road.


I could see how that tunnel would make you clausterphobic. It honestly can be creepy, and it would have been quiet had Joe stopped yelling or singing or whatever it was. =:^)


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