Nostalgia Alert: Disney Coaster Available Online

Many of you probably had your first computer coaster building experience with Disney Coaster. recently released a collection of DOS games through a web emulator, and this game is one of them. Click for a nostalgia rush and to marvel at the graphics that were so impressive back then...

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Nice find. I still have the full boxed version with all the 3.5 inch floppies (giggity) in my office, but haven't had a PC with a floppy drive in years. Nice to be able to play it again, even if it was just for the minute and a half it took me to realize I never need to play it again...

My kids might get a kick of it, though.

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I have a plastic tub full of old CD-ROM games. Assuming they're still readable, I wonder if anyone would find any value in them.

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Oh crap. I played the heck out that game in spite of the fact that it was terrible. May have to take it for a spin, just for old time's sake.

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This was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, I remember spending a lot of time trying all different designs trying to get the judges to like the coaster.

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Man, I used to love this game. It's incredibly difficult to sit through now, though. :)

I played the heck out of that game too, but I didn't know it was terrible. It was all we had at the time.
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I loved that game, especially after installing the patch that removed the limitations on changing the angles on the track so you could really do anything you wanted as far as inversions goes. RCT2 is still easily the game I spent/wasted the most time on in my life.

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