Northwest Trip/Road to 500 (OVERVIEW)

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Northwest Trip - Road to 500 (OVERVIEW)

Ok. So I am actually going to do this...I am going to write TRs for this past trip Keith McVeen (Badnitrus) and I embarked on (I can hear the oooh’s and ahhh’s already)!

This first report is just an overview of what we did and how our trip went...just the basics, ma’am.

We started planning this trip on a whim last August since I nor Keith had ever been to the Great Northwestern States. It has always intrigued me, not because of its coaster collection (or rather lack of coaster collection) but because of its natural beauty. We knew we wanted to go to amusement parks AND national parks. This wasn’t just going to be a coaster trip and all, but a well rounded adventure including amusement parks (old and new), national parks, major city downtown’s, and thanks to Rob Bob (robocoaster), a little play time near Oregon’s highest point., Mt. Hood.

Fast forward to summer of 2003 and finally the details are falling into place. We had a schedule, I had the days off work, Keith had absolutely nothing to do (;)) and we were ready to go! Thanks to Priceline and Motel 6 we scored six hotel rooms for the trip at a total of $225. Not too shabby at all! Also, this trip was the first time Keith and I would meet Rob Jones (nasai) in person, and later Rob Bob. And to top it all off, there was a chance (albeit a small one) that I would actually hit my #500 coaster on this trip (I started the trip at #470).

So anyway, here’s a list of what we did on what days to be featured in upcoming full length Trip Reports. Hope you all enjoy them!

Part 1 - Wed, July 30 - Flight to Milwaukee, Valleyfair!, and driving to Yellowstone National Park.
Part 2 - Thurs, July 31 - Finishing the drive through Montana into Yellowstone, and Yellowstone National Park
Part 3 - Fri, Aug 1 - Silverwood Amusement Park
Part 4 - Sat, Aug 2 - Playland and Vancouver, B.C.
Part 5 - Sun, Aug 3 - Wild Waves/Enchanted Village, Fun Forest, Seattle sightseeing, and Rob/Tomoko’s home
Part 6 - Mon, Aug 4 - Thrill-Ville, Enchanted Forest, SkiBowl attractions
Part 7 - Tues, Aug 5 - Lagoon Amusement Park
Part 8 - Thurs, Aug 7 - SFEG and Lakeside Amusement Park
Part 9 - Fri, Aug 8 - Worlds of Fun, SFStL
Part 10 - Sat, Aug 9/Sun, Aug 10 - SFGAm and Conclusion of trip

I hope to get one of these TRs up everyday (kinda like Sean Flaharty did with his European Coaster Odyssey TR’s). Again, I hope you enjoy reading them!

Joe "please don’t let me get lazy and not finish these! ;)" C.

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One a day? Bummer -- I'll be leaving for MY Northwest trip before you finish! (I fly out next Friday evening, August 22nd).

Of course, I still haven't finished my Denver Preservation Con trip reports, so I should probably keep quiet ;)

--Greg, aka Oat Boy
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Looking forward to the report. This is one trip I would love to take. I am especially interested in going to Vancouver - either for PNE Playland or for Whistler!

BTW, nice TTD pic in your profile. The front seat is AWESOME on that ride - I even bought the photo (which I NEVER do) and put it in my profile when I got back in May.

Help!! I'm addicted to and it's taking away from my pathetic online roller coaster message board time!!!

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Looking forward to hear what you really say about us. ;)
They're not even sure it's a baby.
Lets hope Joe isnt like Rob and just discontinues TR's halfway through the trip. ;)

You know I gotta keep messin with you drummerboy. :)

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Legendary said:

I am going to write TRs for this past trip

Hello? We're waiting...

Has someone here enrolled in the rollergator school of journalism ?

...which is not quite as well renowned as the rollergator school of quoting. ;)
Sorry, sorry, I just wrote the Yellowstone (part 2) section of the TR's...Silverwood is in the oven!

The reason for the delay's is in the TR. ;)

I knew you would keep me on my toes!

You suck big time.

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