Northeastern Odyssey - July 17 - 20 (9 Page TR)

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Fair Warning, this Trip Report is 9+ Pages in Microsoft Word! Fixed Word to Forum Paragraph Problem!

Wednesday, July 16th was the day before the start of our Northeastern Coaster Trip. I was set to go with Nightride (Joe), his dad (Bill), and myself. Our orginial plans were:

Thursday: Rye Playland and Lake Compounce
Friday: Six Flags New England
Saturday: The Great Escape and Coney Island (Astroland)

About 4:15 AM Thursday morning, Joe and Bill arrive at my house and we were set to head to Rye, NY where Playland was. We had to meet John, a park official, at 11:00 for a special tour.

It was a long drive, about 6-7 hours. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, but the anticipation of the trip was too much to sleep off, so I didn’t really get any sleep until we got onto the New Jersey Turnpike, and still wasn’t good sleep. We were suppose to meet Black7 (Nathan) at a Rest Area on the NJ Turnpike at 8. We were an hour and a half off schedule, and he had gone home around 9. We gave him a ring and told him to meet us at the parking lot at Rye at 11. We got to Rye at 11 and really had no trouble getting there, except for a tiny bit of traffic. I enjoyed the Toll Booths where I said “Hi” or waved to anyone who looked, and I got plenty of “Hi” or waves back.

You can read Nathan’s Trip Report on Rye Playland and Photos here:

Walking on the Dragon Coaster was quite a treat. Not many people get that opportunity, and it was quite an experience. You’d think it wouldn’t be that scary from riding coaster, but only walking on 2-3 planks of wood can be quite scary. The only thing from stopping my fall would be the wooden handrails, and the concrete below.

The first run on the Dragon was very slow. Not much of a thrill, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. I felt odd holding my hands up on it, but hey, it’s a coaster. The ride was running much better the second time we rode, but still not many forces, but it was pulling through the course faster.

The Derby Racer was a treat indeed. I’ve never been to Cedar Point, so I’d never ridden the one there, but from what I’ve heard, the one here is much better. My legs got quite a workout. After the ride I was limping along. The ride had to last about five minutes, and I was holding on for dear life. I don’t think some parks want the liabilities of the ride, incase someone falls off.

Their Double Shot tower was my first, and I enjoyed it. I was expecting it to be a powerful, coaster-like launch, but it was smooth and enjoyable. I loved the air at the top of the tower. Drop Zone doesn’t offer that nice air, and I wish it did.

After an adventure packed time at Rye, we were ready for some true coaster loving at Lake Compounce. Nathan said that he knew how to get their, so Bill followed, and Nathan ran us into Beltway traffic, but Joe and I soon fell asleep. I finally woke back up in the parking lot of some Diner. We decided to eat there, even though Joe didn’t want to, knowing that Lake Compounce closed at 8. We stopped for food at 5. During Dinner, we talked about Lake Compounce and then said something about park closing at 8, to which Nathan thought it closed at 10. We headed out of the Diner about 5:30, and this time I rode with Nathan so that Joe and I wouldn’t be squished in Bill’s truck.

We were in mad scramble to get to LC before the park closed, but once again, we ran into traffic going on a different route. We turned around and did what Bill does best, random route driving. We drove around on these odd roads until we found a way to a highway. By this time, it was about 6:30. We were driving along, and I looked at Nathan’s atlas to see where we were, and I noticed that we were coming up to Middlebury, where Quassy is located. We turned off where the signs read “Amusement Park,” hoping that Joe and Bill would think that we were at Lake Compounce, but we were leading them to Quassy. We pulled over and let them know that we decided to hit Quassy because if we tried to get to Lake Compounce, we would only have a mere thirty minutes to enjoy Boulder Dash.

Quassy was a surprise on our trip, and the rides were a surprise as well. Each ride was one ticket, so entrance was free, as was parking. We saw this old looking Wild Mouse called “Monster.” I rode with Nathan because Single Riders weren’t allowed. Well, Nathan was big, and I’m not too big, but bigger than skinny. So, it was a tight squeeze, but we managed. This is one Mouse on drugs. There was a Chain Lift brake, where the chain slowed the coaster down. That was quite a surprise. My memory is bad, but I think the Chain Lift brake was the only one, and so the ride was very fast, and you stopped on a dime in the ending brakes.

We then headed to the kiddie coaster, Little Dipper, but only two adults could ride at a time. This little kiddie coaster actually had airtime, and I was surprised. Being the coaster losers that we were, held our hands up in true Coaster Loser Pride (and Proud)!

Joe and I wanted to take a final spin on Monster before the park closed. Joe had his digital camera with him, and he asked if he could take a video, and they allowed, but they weren’t responsible for it. It was another fun ride, and Joe got his video. We headed back to place with shirts and other stuff, and found a nice Quassy shirt for $7-8 dollars, which was a steal. We were all glad that we decided to hit Quassy rather than having no time at Lake Compounce.

You’d think Lake Compounce drama would be over, but we then had to decide what we wanted to do the next day. We had our minds set on doing the Lake Friday morning, and then going to Six Flags New England in the afternoon. Doing Lake Compounce in the morning would’ve saved driving time since we were already in the area, but we changed the plans to SFNE in the morning and Lake Compounce in the evening. The main reason for the change was that Joe didn’t want to do a Woodie in the morning, as they tend to run slower. So, we drove to Agawam to find a hotel near SFNE.

July 18th was Six Flags New England and Lake Compounce day as of the morning. We had a short drive to SFNE from our hotel, and we had to park on the other side of the park, which was interesting. Joe and Bill got their Season Passes, and we headed into the park.

We looked up and followed Superman’s Lift to where the Station was. If the park had been SFA, we would’ve been lost, but we found the entrance with ease, and queued up. We had a thirty minute wait in front of us, even with two trains, which wasn’t bad. Joe complained about the stacking, but that’s what Joe does best. While he complained, I was slowly drooling from watching the train do its course, I couldn’t wait to get my butt in that Intamin goodness. When we were in the area before the stairs, we could smell this burning scent after a train would hit the brakes. Someone later told us that the train was going faster than it’s suppose to, causing a burning smell. There was more to it, but I forget. Also, it began to rain, but not too hard. We were happy, in hopes of people would leave, or wouldn’t come to the park. It rained off and on throughout the day.

We finally made it up into the station, and Joe and I headed for the back, while Bill went for the front. Bill has told Joe and I plenty of times that he doesn’t like the back seat. He says the Airtime is “fake,” because it feels more like you are getting pulled down. Joe and I didn’t care, we loved the feeling of the back seat, and we bolted for it.

After a short wait, we planted ourselves in the train, and were ready to go. We headed up the lift, and enjoyed the scenery, but it got quickly interrupted by a drop, but I didn’t mind. The mist tunnel was very refreshing. Didn’t look like we were going fit, but we squeezed our way through. I wasn’t expecting and airtime on the second hill (lift/drop being first hill) like it is on S:ROS at SFA, but my expectations were wrong. Then we headed for the over-banked turn. Didn’t feel over-banked, but sure looked liked it. After another big hill of airtime heaven, we hit the first helix, which had very nice positive Gs. Next was another hill and helix, which provided some nice, small laterals and positives, and then a bunny/tunnel combo. I’m starting to like these Mist Tunnels, cooling and fun. I was expecting the mist to not do much, and be quickly over, but its really cooling, and I like! I should get Windshield Wipers for my glasses next time I ride it, but the speed wind dried them quickly. Next came some lovely bunny hops, and into the station. Wow. After catching my breath in the station, I quickly found my new favorite coaster.

After our ride, we had to wait a few rides for Bill, but it wasn’t long. I was going to hit Nightwing, but it was closed, but testing constantly since opening. Sadly, I never got on the ride during the day.Bill finally returns, happy like the rest of us, and we decided to hit Poison Ivy’s Twisted Train. We rode this because it was on the way to Batman, and it was a credit to add to our list. There was one good moment of Laterals, but that is all the ride had to offer. The kids eat this thing up though, no lines because of the long train.

After getting scared out of our lives, we decided that Batman was in order. None of us have ever ridden a Floorless, so we were ready for a new treat. I wasn’t expecting too much, because the layout didn’t seem to die for. While waiting on the stairs, it began to rain, and with force. We finally got to the station, and we found Assign Seating, bleh. We had somewhere close to the back, like third row from it.

It was fun to stick my legs out during the ride, but didn’t seem like much, unless you were in the front. The ride was a lot of fun. The drop isn’t big, but either is the ride. My favorite part was the Zero-G Roll, which was the first one I’ve ever encountered. I thought it was just going to be like a steep Inline twist, but I was floating, and I liked. The corkscrews were compact and fun. I was impressed, and found my favorite B&M, even after riding BGW’s Coasters.

We then headed towards Mind Eraser, hoping to score another Hang-n-Bang credit, but the line was horrendous, so we decided to come back to it.

From that point, I forget what we did in what order since it was awhile ago since this trip. So, I’ll mention what I think we did in what order, and giving my thoughts of the rides along the way.

So, I’m thinking we headed to Cyclone for some woodie love. I’ve heard some mixed reviews of their woodies, but I was going to see for myself. Though, I did take heed to Sam Mark’s suggestion of not sitting in the very back on this ride. Joe and Bill sat in the front, while I sat in the second seat. This ride sure doesn’t lack in airtime, and it delivers its nicely. The ride has an odd layout that I couldn’t really remember, and it also featured two trim brakes. The first was hardly noticeable, while the second had some force, but it was soon to enter the station anyway.

We soon headed over to the Boomerang, or so I think. This was my first non-inverted Boomerang, and I’ve also heard mixed reviews on these as well. The ride wasn’t that bad at all, in fact, enjoyable. As many others do, I enjoy backwards over forwards.

We went to some place nearby to eat. It had like BBQ (I think) and other things, but I got Chicken Strips and Fries. For being Six Flags, this wasn’t a bad deal, for an amusement park at least. Four plump strips and large fries for only 7 bucks. Sure, it’s still a lot of money, but considering what I got, and amusement park prices, it isn’t bad. At Kings Dominion, you get three tiny strips and few fries for five dollars. There were so many fries, that I couldn’t finish all of them.

At this point, we should’ve left for Lake Compounce, but we were having such a great time on the coasters, that we decided to stay the entire day, and then go to Lake Compounce on Saturday.

We decided to hit Thunderbolt next, which didn’t look wonderful, but I had to find out for myself, and I was wrong once again. The ride has nice airtime as well, and I found myself on-top of the seat divider many times during the ride, which was uncomfortable.

Okay, so I’m drawing a complete blank on what I did throughout the day, so here is basically what we did.

I remember riding Cyclone at least two more times, both in the second to the back seat. It was even better back there. Some of the drops had a “Drop Zone” effect (as I like to call it) that the seat just drops from under you, and you get towed down. We even got Bill in the back once, and he said it was fun, but he still liked the front.

Joe rode Superman about 5 times, and Bill and I rode it about 7. I got a taste of 2nd seat, but I still preferred the back more, but the visuals up front still can’t be beat. At night, there is barely a line, making it easy to run around, and ride again, but there still is a problem. There are these bright lights in the queue, which attract plenty of bugs, and they get in your face, and it’s highly annoying. The park should invest in bug zappers or not so bright light covers, like Yellow.

I got to ride Thunderbolt two more times, while Joe rode it a total of five times. I didn’t land on the seat divider anymore, since I sat on the other seat, and let Joe attempt getting something shoved up his butt. The first ride that I got was the best, while the others didn’t seem so great. One of the rides was in the front seat, while a different one was towards the back.

We got in two more rides on Batman: The Dark Knight, which were both in the front seat. It really is different being upfront, and having your feet dangle just above the track. I sat in one of the middle two seats, and the Zero-G Roll was even more fun. This is an excellent ride, with tons of thrills.

I got to ride my first Power Tower at Rye Playland, but that was the short version. I wanted to try a taller version, but this one also had the launched downward one as well. The launch was very smooth and nice, and the view from the top was wonderful. The drop part was okay, but Drop Zone’s drop is better. I still prefer the launched part over any drop tower though. The airtime on the way down is great.

I forced them to ride some flats, including: Time Warp, Houdini, Tomahawk, Rodeo, Chaos, and Double Trouble.

- I thought Time Warp was okay, only when it was going backwards, plus, I was in the front.

- I’ve done Houdini at Great Adventure, so I thought Bill and Joe would enjoy it, and they did. I didn’t tell them anything about the ride, so I figured I’d just let them experience it. The only thing they knew was that it was called a “Mad House” and was made by Vekoma (the information plate said it). I still enjoyed the ride, even though I knew what was coming.

- Tomahawk was enjoyable, after it changed directions. I can’t wait to ride the larger versions, such as Delirum at PKI.

- I’ve always enjoyed the Rodeo at SFA, and they are one of my favorite flat rides. I was paired with a Single-Rider, and the ride losses its fun once that happens.

- Chaos is my favorite flat ride,which I first rode at Clementon Park in New Jersey, so this was no disappointment. It ran much better than SFA’s version.

- I’ve done an Inverter at Clementon Park, and I find them enjoyable, and this one was no exception. Joe and I would wave Hi to the people waiting in line as we did our somersaults.

I really enjoyed Six Flags New England. It became my favorite park because I enjoyed most of the coasters. Sometimes its hard to find that. The Woodies were very good, with plenty of airtime. Superman didn’t disappoint, from what everyone says, its all true. Batman: The Dark Knight was a lot of fun, and is now my favorite B&M.

We drove back to Bristol, CT, where Lake Compounce can be found. We decided to find where the park was first so that we wouldn’t get lost, and found a hotel nearby, which was Travel Lodge, if I remember correctly. They sell discounted tickets there, for $23, which tickets are normally $30. so we had extra money to use for Parking.

Like with SFNE, I forgot the order of some of the things we done, but I’ll try my best.

We entered the park, and we knew exactly where we wanted to go, Boulder Dash. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the ride, so I didn’t think it would disappoint.

We made our way to Boulder Dash, and found a short wait outside the station. We also noticed that they were only running one train, the Red one. The yellow one had a seat removed. Very interesting.

Joe and I headed for a back seat ride, while Bill went for a front seat. There wasn’t much of a wait, and we quickly boarded. We made our way up the lift, quite quickly, and we stormed down the first drop. Over a buttload of bunnies, and eventually made our way back into the station. I had a sense of disappointment. I was expecting more, but I didn’t receive. But, I kept my hopes up, because it was a morning ride, and I hoped that the ride would warm up, and provide an excellent ride.

After a spin on Boulder Dash, we had to get our first taste of Free Soda, and boy, soda tastes so much better when it’s free.

After a nice cool down, we headed for Wildcat. I’ve heard some “no so good” reviews on this ride, but I’ll have to get my own opinion. They were also running one train on this ride, and I could tell why. The other train was sitting in three pieces, in the field, in the coaster.

The ride was nothing spectacular, but was okay. My advice would be not to ride over a wheel seat, basically, any back seat of a car. You’ll get jack-hammered on the drops. We ended up getting two rides on it throughout the day, which our second, we got a middle-car seat. The wait throughout the day was 30 minutes, and it had assign seating.

Next, we headed towards the Sky Ride, and we got some photos of Boulder Dash on the way. This little ride is out of the way of the park, which is nice, but it’s not to be missed when you visit. It takes awhile to ride, but there wasn’t a wait, even for a Saturday. They seat people every other seat. I said “Hi’ to people as they came the other direction, but didn’t do it often. I enjoyed the view on the way down more, as we got to see the surrounding area.

We headed back to Boulder Dash to give it another try. Joe and I decided to head for the front seat. What a different ride it is. It was around noon I guess, and it was a spectacular ride. I was absolutely blown away. I was speechless on how excellent a ride this really is. I now know what park I plan to hit at least once a year. That huge drop in the middle of the ride just screams “AIRTIIIIIIME.” If you have been considering going to Lake Compounce, get your butt up there and experience pure bliss.

While waiting for Joe’s Dad to return from his ride, I decided to hit the Enterprise, as I haven’t done one before. I was expecting to be forced in my seat, but it wasn’t too forceful. I wondered, if I didn’t hold one, would I’ve landed on the ceiling of my car. I wasn’t planning on testing it, and I didn’t.

After we met back up with Bill, we decided to ride Zoomerang to get our credit. Joe and I took a front seat ride, and I got a picture, looking into the Cobra Roll, before we left the station. It was fun, painless ride. I still don’t know why people don’t like these; I guess others are much worse. Going backwards is so much fun.

We were all getting hungry, so we decided to get something to eat, Joe and I knew what we wanted to try, Potato Patch Fries, and they were Oh So Delicious.

Once again, we were enjoying ourselves at the park so much, that we decided to stay the entire day at the park, and go to Coney Island sometime via Train. We really wanted to get in some night rides.

We rode Boulder Dash a couple of more times, and we ran into some enthusiasts from the area, and some that weren’t. I don’t remember all their names, only two out of….six? There was a guy with a Superman: Ride of Steel tank top whose name was Brian?, and a woman with a Boulder Dash shirt on whose name was Judy. I apologize if you read this and I forgot your name, but they probably won’t real this anyway. It was nice seeing some other Coaster Enthusiasts at the park.

We took another ride on the Sky ride because our legs were tired. This time, I decided to say “Hi” to every person who passed us, and I accomplished my goal. I especially tried to cheer up those that didn’t look like they were having fun. I hate seeing people not having fun at an amusement park. We also told some people to say “hi” to the people behind us as well. We waited for the people behind us to come off the ride, and see if they got any of our “Hi’s,” and indeed they did, every one of them.

We headed back to Boulder Dash to get some night rides, which were must do’s. Bill and I got one in, while Joe rode with Brian, since he didn’t leave when all the others left.

Joe and I made a mad dash to the souvenir shop nearby to get some shirts before the park closed. I picked up two shirts, both saying Boulder Dash, but only one said Lake Compounce.

We then ran back to Boulder Dash, and they let us in, just soon after, they closed the line. Not far in front of us, I noticed a bright green shirt that had Stark Raven Mad 2003 on it. I talked to him for a bit, but Joe soon took over. Joe and Bill were queued for the front seat, while I was going to get in the second seat when they were ready. I asked one of the ride ops, who was extremely friendly, if I could re-ride, if no one was in my seat, and she said yes. Kings Dominion offers that as well, but I asked before I did it. So, Bill and I got in the second seat, hoping for some re-rides.

When you aren’t sitting the front during the night, you don’t have a clue where you are going, and you just got thrown all over. I was running into Bill about 100 times. It’s an excellent ride, but even more excellent night ride.

Once we returned to the station, so girl moved from a different seat, and took ours, so we had to leave, but then the Board Op, Eric, asked for someone to take the last empty seat, and we gladly volunteered. Joe was riding in the front with some guy, while Bill and I were sitting in the third seat. But, before we left the station, something odd happened. Something odd that normal park employee would never say, Eric said “If you guys make enough noise when you come back, we’ll let you ride again.” So, we left the station, and the whole train was loud during the ride, as everyone was getting thrown into the person sitting next to them. Once we hit the brakes, and headed for the station, the whole train was loud, chanting “Boulder Dash.” Eric lived up to his word, and he asked if anyone wanted to get off. Of course, everyone remained in their seats. We got to ride again, and once again, we had an excellent ride. As we entered the station, the train started to chant “One More Time.” Eric gave the “should we?” nod to the other employees, and they checked our lap bars, and around we went again! What luck! Where else would you find employees willing to stay later than necessary to give re-rides, past closing, I know where, no where (Lame, I know). We tried the “One More Time” chant with no avail, but we then started an “Eric” chant, and that put a smile on his face. Everyone as satisfied with three rides total, while Bill and I got a total of four rides in a row!

Joe, Bill, and I left with huge smiles on our faces. Joe and I easily claimed Boulder Dash our favorite ride of all time. Bill never gives favorites, he says, “They all have a warm place in my heart.” We all knew that Boulder Dash was incredible, and even though Bill never admitted liking Boulder Dash, we knew he did, especially after catching him red handed. He said that he liked Boulder Dash more than Cheetah at Wild Adventures. That’s unlike him, saying one ride is better than another.

So, what have we learned?

- Walking on a Coaster is awesome, yet nerve racking.

- Wooden Roller Coasters run better as the day wears on (Dragon Coaster and Boulder dash)

- Buzz Bars are very good (Thunderbolt and Wildcat)

- Zero-G Rolls Rule (Batman: The Dark Knight)

- Superman: Ride of Steel’s hype is ALL true

- Boulder Dash Owns All- Plans Never Work (Add Quassy, Removed Coney Island, Days went Screwy)

This trip report has been put off long enough, and I figured it was time to get done with it before our next trip:

- Kennywood
- Conneaut Lake Park
- Waldameer
- Six Flags Worlds of Adventure
- Cedar Point
- Indiana Beach
- Holiday World
- Michigan’s Adventure

I’ll try to do a Trip Report on that as well, but it’ll most likely be bulleted, because with school starting the day after the trip, I won’t have time. Thanks for Reading this Lengthy TR!

OoOoOo....Boulder Dash *Drools Excessively*
"That helix turns me on" - Nightride at CoasterCon
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Thanks alot for doing the TR, Jeremy, because I would have never done it.

Awesome job, though, but you forgot one important thing. I was sick the entire day at Lake Compounce. I felt like puking just about all day, and I almost did after riding the Boomerang(I never get sick on rides), but I never felt bad after boulderdash. Interesting...

Yes, my dad did say Boulderdash was better than Cheetah, which he still denies doing, but we all had our fun.

And Raven will have to be just amazing to top dash.

Lake Compounce is a wonderful park. It's amazing. I personally think Wildcat is fun but's that just me. Yes soda sure does taste better when it's free. The only flaw with LC is the crappy shows.

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