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Dorney Park

Day two brought about Dorney Park for my cousin and I, which I had visited a year and a half ago. I was counting on this being just a relaxing day, since there were no new credits to get. It did however, turn into a great day for marathon riding due to small lines in the rides part of the park. Note that flats are rated on the same scale, but in relative terms to other flats, NOT coasters.


The first ride of the day came on Talon, and guess what?!?! They were running the ride even before ten o’clock. This just shows how nice Dorney Park is. To make a long story short, I love Talon. It is just as good as Montu and Top Gun and is a great ride for Dorney. We rode it around ten times over the day, with just a couple of minutes wait time. The front seat is the best, with back coming in second. I love the immelman and helix and the finale is great as well. Simply, Talon is a great ride with great pacing. Great the colors as well. I know next year’s B&M will make a great sibling.

Talon **** ½

Hang Time

Top Spins are all basically the same, and this one’s program was kind of lame. It did do the huge flips, but very little other than that. It was mostly just swinging. The best program I have ever been on was at our State Fair, with the gondola spinning, flipping, and falling. Hang Time is still a fun ride and not too painful.

Hang Time ***½

Wild Mouse

Basic mouse with some nice air and sharp turns. Seemed better than the one at Carowinds and didn’t hurt my stomach.

Wild Mouse ***


This was closed due to rain last time and as I gazed at Herc’s old site, I was eagerly awaiting a ride. Although the harnesses kind of hurt my collarbones, the ride is really fun. It didn’t make me dizzy, but provided some nice hang time, flips, and views.

Meteor ****


Last time, I only rode the shoot down due to the weather, but this time both sides were open and we ended up riding both sides twice. IMO, the shoot down side is more intense because you’re ripped down. The up side is good too, but not quite as crazy. Still, this S&S Tower is a winner and I really enjoyed it, especially with no lines.

Dominator **** ½


Also closed last visit, this ride was only running one train with a short line. The ride is pretty neat, but kind of rough. The trains really jerk in the helix and the brake kills the airtime. Overall, I think Hercules was the better wooden, call me crazy.

Thunder hawk ***


Nice Schwarzy with great G’s. I nearly blacked out in the loop though. One train op sucked but the line was short. The ride is very similar to Scorpion at BGT and kind of short.

Laser ***½

Steel Force

Now on to the adventure.…Our first trip to the station yielded that it was closed and would open sometime later in the day. They were doing some sort of “preventative maintenance” and the ride didn’t open till around four o’clock although some people were told earlier. So after doing some other stuff we finally came back and waited for it to open. When it did we got first train, last row and had a good ride. We ended up riding three times and enjoyed the ride. They were running two trains and the line grew pretty long quickly. It seemed to have more airtime this visit and it was nice to not have rain in my face. The ride is a bit jerky in spots, but still nice. It does need a paintjob though. The Force also seemed to be running pretty fast and the helix was really intense. The breaks weren’t on that much and the end had lots of air.

Steel Force ****

Log Flume/Revolution

Dorney’s log flume, which I don’t remember the name of, is very nice. I loved the drop on the hill and the natural scenery was very good. Revolution was just like PGA’s and Hershey’s and it made my stomach hurt.

Flume ****, Revolution ***


Dorney park rocks, the ops are great, and the park landscaping is very nice.

That water park was CROWDED!

Can’t wait for Hydra.


Dorney Park **** ½ *** Edited 7/10/2004 10:03:17 PM UTC by Willh51***

Dorney is a decent small park. It has a lot in common with CP except the hills.;) I like CP's flat terrain. I haven't been there too much this season even though I only live 45 minutes away. I think we'll be heading there this weekend. We are due for a crowded waterpark experience. ;)
The key is to hit the waterpark early, other rides in late afternoon...

You avoid the crowds the whole day...

The log flume is named Thunder Creek Mountain, and yes, it is very good. In fact, it is my favorite log flume (of course I haven't been on Dudley so I may not know what a good flume is...).

Dorney is an OK park, no Hershey, but still good. The waterpark really lets you power ride near everything (I got 13 rides on Talon last Tuesday). The park is going to be that much better with Hydra opening next year, and I can't wait to see what CF does to the place after that. Great TR!

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Posted the pics at the top. Hope you like them, please ask if you want to use them though.

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