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There are three major amusement parks in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea:

Really cool!! They have some pretty modern rides like the Volare, I wonder what it was like for Zamperla to get a call from North Korea?

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I've also put up a more general photo album on Facebook:

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Thanks for those. North Korea is such an intriguing place. How did you get into or out of the country? I assume you didn't sneak in. lol

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Fascinating photos.

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I never wanted to travel to a foreign place as much as I want to visit North Korea right now (and not because of the coasters). I always thought that it was totally blocked off to tourists, and no one gets in and no one gets out. Wow.

No, it's not actually that difficult to get in. I'd highly recommend it; it's a truly fascinating country. The Koryo Tours people are brilliant too.

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