Nor Easter 2012

Alpine Development Group – Built Attatash nor Easter, in New England as well as designed SFNE’s water park as well many of SFI’s water parks. Bill took some time to explain the mountain coaster concept and how it worked. The speakers first coaster ride was at Funtown USA their former mouse. Tracks normally are at least a mile long and take 6 minutes to ride. They are hoping to add more mountain coasters in New England but nothing that can be announced. They likely won’t expand into more tradition al coasters since they have a lot going for them right now.

Maintenance – the system is designed to have little impact on the environment. They will pin the supports to the ground when possible. The coaster can float wit the ground to reduce impact with changing temps, though the alignment needs to be checked along with general area upkeep. Track in generally bolted together. Sections can be replaced is something dose happen like a fallen tree or a grounds shifts do to extreme weather.

Canobie Lake Park (Chris Nicoli & Ryan) – Entertainment/shows for 2012, New for 2012 is a large Scale show a Tribute to Gaga. Frisbee will run a new high end program. Light will be off with a new lightshow on phycodrome. Cannonball will be rehabbed to operate 2 trains soon. Gustlour will be coming in and rechecking the coaster. Matter horn spot what’s up – they would like to bring one but not sure when looking for the right one. Untamed area – The area will not be changed in 2012.crazy cups is getting a major rehab. Roosters will be finished.

SFNE - JR’s Rockville will be Totally Kitchen Chicken water park Chowabunga burgers, Q bot for water park it will be a separate charge from the regular flashpass. Dark rides are not a priority on their list but not out o the question. They would like to add 2 trains but wouldn’t happen till at least it’s 75th birthday. New GM wants to focus on the water park. bizzaro sound will stay. No plans to remove rides at this time. Slayers layer – it will evolve there is a big footprint,

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More photos coming soon

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