Non-profit wants to buy Freestyle Music Park property, but not rides

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Abiding Village, a 5-year-old not-for-profit that offers arts classes for youth and other outreach from its center in Fantasy Harbour, aims to raise $10 million to buy Freestyle Music Park’s 150 acres, including buildings, to expand its offerings, the not-for-profit says, adding that it would not buy the rides.

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I heard that Nights in White Satin was the best dark ride ever! ;-)

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At this point, the rides are probably in approximately the same condition as those at Kentucky Kingdom. And Ed Hart is lacking a signature B&M ride...

Saw an article on FB yesterday, non-reasons for the HRP failure (what WAS successful about the park)...included theme, content, and location. Two of the three seemed right - theme and content. IMO, location was still a major reason for the failure...Myrtle is the Detroit of beach resort areas...

I've always kind of thought they did too much too quick with that park. Anyone who has ever played RCT knows you have to start off slow. It was as if they just woke up one day and said, "Hey, let's build an amusement park today!"

I'm still bummed about this park. It sounded like a place with a lot of potential. Shame one of the major chains couldn't have picked it up and turned it around.

What happens to these rides then? Are they just scrapped?

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My problem with the park was that it didn't have enough staple rides that makes a good park great, like a flume or rapids. Also, their coasters seemed to look too short and kind of lifeless. The B&M looked to be just a plain ol' B&M. Nothing unique about it.

The theme appealed to me though (because I think that I am a rock star in an alternate universe), and I had a chance to go when it first opened, but regretfully declined.

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Carrie J. said:

I heard that Nights in White Satin was the best dark ride ever! ;-)

Easily...with two blank spaces before the next one on the list.

The day we spent there (14 hours) still ranks as one of my top 3 days at a park ever. That place was ridiculously fun.

Then again, I'm a rock star in this universe. ;)

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What I find amazing is that I'd easily put the steaming pile of dung Nights In White Satin became at the very bottom--with two blank spaces after the previous one--of the same list.

Top of the heap to dead last in one friggin' season...

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Nights In White Satin - the video does it no justice

Monstars Of Rock - I suspect the video makes it look better than it was

Reading/Comparing the comments for both videos is pretty funny.

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Ugh. Ack. You're right, I only felt about 80% as depressed at the end of the video as I did getting off the actual ride. I'm pissed I just watched that.

The comments are amazing. Totally substantiates our takes on the respective rides we experienced.

This park was awesome, but when I went, it seemed doomed to fail. I visited in July (I don't recall what day of the week) and the place was a ghost town. We did everything they had to offer 2-3 times within the first 6 hours we were there. I'm not sure it's right to say they didn't open with enough attractions, if they had any kind of a crowd it might have been just about right. But as it was, we spent a lot of time wandering in circles.

I'm squarely in the group that says poor marketing and gate that was priced way too high doomed this place.

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LostKause said:

The B&M looked to be just a plain ol' B&M. Nothing unique about it.

Which no one outside of our circles would ever care about. To them it would be like saying it's a plain old Ferrari. It's not like non-enthusiasts encounter these rides everywhere they go, let alone the machines that most in the industry would consider the most reliable and crowd pleasing.

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And actually, if you want to get enthusiasty about it, it was unique in a few ways, the first of which was that it had standard sit-down trains. That's one in five for B&M.

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It's funny how a normal seating arrangement is is unique for B&M coaster. lol

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