NoLimits is awsome but one little thing is off...

NoLimits has got to be the best 3-D coaster game ever built. I have already made some tracks and I can't wait for the full version to come out. I love this game! One thing I noticed is if you only make your trains 1 car long, than it will complete the course with no problem. If you did this in real life it would Valley. Other than that I find nothing wrong!
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Hmm, sounds like the physics AREN'T 100% accurate! I hope that this is still considered a "beta" version so those types of bugs can be ironed out.

I kinda hoped there'd be a cooler crash when one train meets another instead of a pop-up that says "train crashed", but beggers can't be choosers!

In a perfect world, we'd have all that... but as long as it rides realistic & looks realistic in the regular mode, I'm a happy camper.

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I don't know, there sure are a lot of wild mice that finish the circuit just fine with a single car.

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I did a quick little test and found that the physics are working just fine.  Try this:  change the train to a 20 car one and see how it reacts.  Then change to a 2 car train and see how it reacts.  Notice a difference?


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Yes, I have done all the tracks with 25 cars. They never complete any circuts. Mabey I am wrong but don't you think MF wouldn't complete it's circit if it only ran one car? Other than this tiny problem I find nothing wrong with the game at all!

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