NoLimits Fairground.....Now Available!!!

The new member of the No Limits Simulators is now available on

This is the general Info Posted on the site.

NoLimits Fairground brings the fun and excitement of seven picture perfect simulations of real Park Attractions! An interactive screensaver so powerful you may start taking lunch breaks at your PC!
The screensaver allows you to watch seven of the world's most famous fair rides. An included simulation program allows you to control and ride the rides like you were really there!
You can change lighting, speed, and other settings for each ride. In simulation mode, walk through, ride, and tour your fairground in full operation. You may even import music to play to further set the theme and mood! With realistic Day and Night cycles in your park, No Limits Fairgrounds will bring the excitement of a fair without any of that "Getting sick to your stomach" feeling! You may not have to ever pay admission or ride fees again! The only things we can't simulate are the wind and the funnel cake, those you'll have to provide yourself!

Plus some screenshots of the rides.

Miltonmx Mexican Coaster Fan
That's pretty cool.

RCT better watch out. If this ever turns into a complete game, it will DOMINATE (with the enthusiasts at least). ;)

I don't know. The novelty wore off in just a few minutes playing the demo.

This has nothing on RCT3 as far as being an enjoyable game. It's definitly a start for NoLimits, however. I was happy to at least see this game run smooth on high res/high detail.

Is this a $20 screensaver rather than a game?

Although it was interesting it's not something I'd pay $20 for. Perhaps if they either
A) Had more rides (6 is a beginning, but the novelty wears off quickly)
B) Allowed you to create custom parks and place the rides
C) Allow you to place your rollercoasters in the park
D) Allow you to take screenshots, movies, and a "free fly" mode

I'd be inclined to buy it if they implemented one or more of those features.

As it is I am impressed with the amount of detail and the smoothness with which it runs on my computer. I'm sure they have something more planned for it since IMHO it has lots of potential.

No Mac version...

beast7369's avatar
I downloaded the demo but it wont even let me play it. Why would I buy it if I cant even play the demo? It is acting as if my demo time had run out!
I agree with Danimal, having six rides it kind of a flop, seems more like this should have been the demo. Then release at least 15 different flats large/family/kiddie. I'm just not to impressed by this to be honest. *** Edited 4/28/2005 1:11:07 PM UTC by SFDLdan***

"the only thing I know is that life is short and the only time you've got left is luck"
Jeff's avatar
Uh... it's 3-D renderings of a few flat rides. How is that fun or interesting?

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

Remember, this game was not developed by Ole or the the rest of the No Limits team. Don't expect to see any combination of the two games.
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So? I'm still not impressed. $20 to watch what is essentially a pretty screen saver is too much.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

I wasn't disagreeing with your opinion, my post was aimed at the people who seem to expect that No Limits Fairground and No Limits Coaster to work together, when in reality they're from two totally separate development teams, with the only common denominator being the "No Limits" name.
Ride of Steel's avatar
I'm definately not buying it. It would be cool if it was an 'update' for NL owners but for $20, no way.
Rctycoon2k's avatar
It obviously wasn't going to be an update for NoLimits users because it wasn't made by Ole. It was just released under the MadData name, and the theme of amusement parks lead them to add the franchise name of NoLimits to the game. Thats it.

Very boring and not worth $20.

Shaun Rajewski
Founder, Lead Developer
Epic Web Studios, LLC

beast7369, i am having the same problem. can anyone help? i click buy later and it just closes itself out.
I think it's a pretty cool game, although not worth $20 (for what it includes). Of course they wont (as mentioned) but it would make one heck of a game if they made an RCTish thing (given NL and NLFairground). Too bad it just wont happen :(
DawgByte II's avatar
Whatever this thing is...'s stupid.

Yes, the graphics & design is nice... but all you can do is run the ride. You can't plop it down somewhere or landscape it.

Not to mention that the only thing it has is a horrible techno-soundtrack. Figuring that this has the official HUSS rides logo associated with it, I'd have hoped that they would have captured the official sounds from the rides & made it feel a little more realistic with some sfx here & there. Instead, without the annoying music... it's just a quiet graphical looking screen saver.

It's not even worth 2 bucks, let alone $20.00. Then again, 3/4 of this $20.00 on-line only software they have for sale isn't even worth 2 bucks!

It has potential, however.

NoLimits 6 Fairgrounds were very nice. But. I haven't see those enough flats rides. These will more flats rides in future?

That's good sound with me from Danimal. I agreed with his/she....


It seems that this software was made to be used by Huss on their specific needs.

The novelty I think is that more than 1 ride can be charged on the simulator, and maybe on the next update of the No Limits Coaster Simulator, more than 1 coaster can be loaded.

Let´s see how the 2 softwares can be used on the future to bring us something new.

Keep Riding!

Miltonmx Mexican Coaster Fan
I'm interesting. I'm not sure about Nolimits coaster plannning get new rides alike this suspended coaster and wild mouse, 4D or new coasters in future and NoLimits fairground will get next new update?


Rctycoon2k's avatar
What don't you get?

The 2 games are not made by the same production company, therefore, will not have coinsiding releases, or integration.

They are seperate games, and always will be.

Shaun Rajewski
Founder, Lead Developer
Epic Web Studios, LLC

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