No podcast 6/12

Monday, June 12, 2006 12:39 PM
The news was rather thin this week, so there will be no podcast this week. Enjoy the rants from last week's show. :)
Monday, June 12, 2006 1:01 PM
What about a continuation of the rants this week? ;)
Monday, June 12, 2006 9:24 PM
Since there is no PodCast this week, I'll mention something in regards to last weeks.

I was at Conneaut Lake Park Saturday June 10th, 2006. I was there from Noon until about 5pm. It's probably really tough to make a guess, but from what I saw there were maybe 2 thousand people there. But again, that is a total guess. Definatly not the 15,000 that were talked about on opening weekend. Also, I asked the teller about the previous weekend and she said that because of the rain, the attendance was not high.

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