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Subtitle: My first trip to Kennywood;)

Kennywood Park
October 18, 2003

Since I’ve moved, I’ve picked up a new home park. But alas, due to work and ca$h restraints, I’ve yet to visit during the season. That is why I’m glad Kennywood offers Phantom Fright Nights during Halloween, or I wouldn’t have had a chance to hit Kennywood for the first time, and a final trip to a park this year. I had had a rough day, I had spent a few days with my parents, and got a late start from their house to home( a 3 hour trip ), but got stuck in Traffic because of a state festival in WV, Bridge Day, which is at the New River Gorge Bridge, which is on the way home. it took an extra hour to get home, and so I was really late picking my roommate, Jon, up.

I had to get directions to Kennywood, because I hadn’t been to Pittsburgh in 20 years, and don’t remember a thing about it. But the trip from Fairmont, WV to Kennywood was easy, and fairly quick(I’ve never lived this close to a park before!). We got a bit lost between Pittsburgh and West Mifflin, but easily found the park once we were pointed in the right direction.

After parking(the only thing I didn’t like about the park), we paid our $17.50 to get in. I’ve never been to any Halloween event at a park(I don’t celebrate the Holiday), but I like being scared. The park (what I could see of it in such darkness) was decorated nicely. I wish it was a little lighter, though, as I didn’t know my way around. But the darkness set the tone. The first thing we headed to was Phantom’s Revenge.

Phantom’s Revenge: This was my roommates first Hyper coaster, and my third, though I have never ridden either an Arrow Hyper or Morgan Hyper(and now I’ve technically done both at the same time). We waited 40 min. for the ride, and since we were only going to be in the park for 3 hours, decided we didn’t care where we sat, but I wanted to be closer to the back.

The ride was rather dark, and since it was already dark, I decided to ride without my glasses, as to heighten the out of control experience for me. We got on about 2 seats from the back, and off we were. I didn’t know what to expect. Couldn’t see much of the layout because it was nite, and very dark around Phantom cause Old Kennywood was closed off(too bad, wanted to ride Pitt Fall). This is probably one of my new favorite coasters! I like hypers, and Raging Bull and S: RoS @ SFA are great, but this thing has great air, and I’m sure that riding at nite adds to the ride. It was so much fun, air galore, and my roommate like it as well. I’ll be so happy to get back next season to get more rides on Phantom’s Revenge!

After PR, we went over to Thunderbolt, as it looked cool, and was close. The line moved quickly, and it was also very dark in parts of the ride.

Thunderbolt: I’d never been on a woodie like this. I love wooden coasters, and the drop out of the station into the ravine was so cool!! I kept my eyes on for this so that I could see, and it was so cool to see what was happening as we flew through the bottom of the drops. We had a back row seat, and got some cool air. I can say that, although I liked all the coasters I rode @ Kennywood, I think this was the best overall suprise in the park, a definite re-ride when I go back!

Jon and I were hungry, and rollergator had suggested the Potato Patch, so we went for some Fright Fries(with cheese!), and he had a grilled frank. After getting our grub, we walked around a bit. Both of us had wanted to hit some haunted houses, but for our first trip, I was concerned more with coasters, and the lines for the haunted houses were way too long(the park was rather crowded).

We walked over by Aero 360, and Jon got more food as I went for a ride by myself on Racer.

Racer: Racer was a cool little coaster(and my first Mobeous[sp?]) and I got the blue side(we lost!). It was a different kind of racing coaster, with smaller drops. The station was cool, and the coaster was nice, but it was my least favorite in the park, though it had the fastest line. I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but I had my hopes up, and it didn’t live up to what I had wanted. An overall good coaster, but not great.

After I found Jon at the end of Racer, we walked a bit more, and tried to find some haunted houses, but the lines for them were closing, as they were so long. Fearing that I wouldn’t get any more coasters in, we went to Jackrabbit(which I had been told was great) to see if the line was still accepting people. Thankfully it was...

Jackrabbit: This was a great little coaster! Another cool first drop, and a great double down(this was the first park I’d been to with those!). Going into the tunnel, they had some funky flashing lights below the track that was so cool, then we went up the hill. This thing had some great air on it. Fast and Furious, Jackrabbit was the suprise of the nite, and I can’t wait to get more rides on it.

After Jackrabbit, we went by Racer, and since Jon hadn’t been on it, we decided to hit it for my second, his first. Racer(redux): We got on the blue train, and on the opposite side of what I had ridden the first time. Again, Racer is fun, and the racing aspect is cool, but to me it wasn’t anything to go “Wow!” about. Another credit, and some fun drops, but thats it.

We walked around a bit more, couldn’t find Exterminator(don’t think it was opened anyway, but I could have been wrong), and finally headed out of the park. Kennywood is a nice park(what I saw of it in a dark 3 hours), and I can’t wait to get back when the park is in full swing. This was my first trip to a park so late, so cold, so dark, and so close. All in all a good nite!

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"I feel so delightfully White Trash..."
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Immediately, I thought, "Whoa, I thought we're supposed to limit our trip reports to actual amusement park trips." ;)

What do I Listen-To?
Hot stuff.

Sounds like you had a good time. Way to title a trip report, it's one of those this looks interesting type of things. Probably 1,000 views already.
Well, I ment it in a sub-literal sense;).

I had a great time!

"I feel so delightfully White Trash..."

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Me too Maddie! lol.

But it's good to hear that the Phantom deflowered yet another victim. LOL!


Gimme speed, height, airtime and plenty of LAUNCH!!!

The Exterminator wasn't open, because that ride is located in the back of Lost Kennywood which isn't open during Phantom Fright Nights.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Kennywood:)

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TeknoScorpion said:

Phantom’s Revenge: This was my roommates first Hyper coaster, and my third, though I have never ridden either an Arrow Hyper or Morgan Hyper(and now I’ve technically done both at the same time).

Yes, Clint....all the other Arrows and Morgans are "just as good"....;). It's honestly the most powerful air I've ever felt on a non-RoS steelie, and I can't wait to get back there....those trains would do *wonders* for Maggie...

Congratulations on *losing it* at the 'Wood....>----->
Tact is for people not intelligent enough to comprehend sarcasm...;)

Cool TR, Tekno, although I thought there was going to be a little more X-rated stuff in it, LOL!

Given what they close off for Fright Nights, you still have a lot of cool things in the park left to do: Exterminator, Pittfall, Gold Rusher, Log Jammer, Bayern Kurve, the rapids ride, etc. KW is an awesome place and I'd be happy to call it my home park. PR is GREAT! Glad you had fun.

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BaSSiStiSt said:

Given what they close off for Fright Nights, you still have a lot of cool things in the park left to do: Exterminator, Pittfall, Gold Rusher, Log Jammer, Bayern Kurve, the rapids ride, etc.

Mike Miller - The CPG: The ORIGINAL flash mob

Intresting...I didn't know they had the Log Jammer, and the Raging Rapids opened for Phantom Fright Nights, LOL!

All those rides you mentioned are all Closed for Phantom Fright Nights...except the Bayern Kurve which is open, but was closed this past weekend.

I think you what you meant to say is those are the rides closed for Phantom Fright Nights, (except the Bayern Kurve).;)

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I thought that WAS what I said, but I guess it wasn't? I dunno, it still makes sense to me the way I wrote it.

Mike Miller - The CPG: The ORIGINAL flash mob

I understood what you meant the first time Bass ... glad to hear you had a good time Tekno and nice title!

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Umm ok...maybe it's just me then.

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