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I saw this posted over at and thought it might of interest.


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Interesting that he wants manufacturers to use it. Yeah, you can simulate a layout in no time, but it doesn't calculate dynamic loads on the support structure or any fancy things like that. Most manufacturers have their own software to do that.

I still think that the thing that's sorely lacking is the ability to dynamically test a section of track while you adjust it. It would be far easier to tweak and smooth out the ride that way than have to run it from the beginning every time.

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Odd that this is showing as a recent update when Coastersims posted the same interview about a month ago. (noted from

So, I'm not sure what the real update from August 3rd is about unless it's just that he finally linked the interview.
I really hope he makes a target date of sometimes before X-mas for the update release... maybe somewhere around the time RCT3 comes out.

Great Coasters uses it for showing possible clients what a ride will look like while riding it. The physics for the game aren't exact but you can change the # of cars and other things to get it fairly close to an actual ride. It helps bringing somthing on paper into somthing you can see and somewhat experiance. Nothing more nothing less.

Doesn't Gerstlauer use it as well?

If anyone went to GCII's open house after PPP last year you might remember seeing No Limits running Thunderhead.

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Ole stated a while ago...

"My intentions are to market a Professional version to manufacturers to give them a look at how the ride might look, or to give their clients a look at how the final product will be. With this version, I will add in features apon the manufacturers request."

He is not marketing it for design / blue prints. It's cheaper and easier than 3D Studio Max.

Yes, both GCII and Gerstlauer use it. Maurer-Sohne is looking into it right now, or so I have heard.

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Gerstlauer uses it very heavily it would seem... I've seen more pictures from the game with the Gerstlauer logo slapped on them than any other company.
I love the idea of doing the boomeraang and making it so the brakes don't fully stop the train.

You couldn't be more correct. 3D studio max takes forever to make a ride, and if the client doesnt want it, then you've just throw a few grand down the toilet making it for them.

Why not take that program, work on a layout for a few hours, and show them. You have so much less to lose that way.

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