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I just found out about No Limits and is there anywhere to get it free and is the demo even worth downloading.

Enjoy the rest of your day here at Cedar Point ,, Americas Rock n' Rollercoast.
Nowhere that won't get you banned from here.

Yes, the demo is worth it.

I downloaded the demo last week, and was really impressed with the program. I plan on purchasing it in the weeks to come.
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Pay for software. Developers don't work for free.

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Amen to that Jeff. Thanks to all those that buy there software and support us game developers. And he is right. We don't work for free.
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TTD420, Download the Demo First, If you like it and it work on your machine then it is up to you to save up and spend the $25 on the software. Trust me you wont regret it. I got the software for $20 back in Nov 2001 when it just came out as version 1.0, back then I never thought it would become as awesome as it is today. It was the effort of all the Coaster Enthusiasts that knew how to work the program, do the 3D modeling, do the textures, and do the sounds that made NL as awesome as it is today. From a few months from now that game will become more awesome when Shuttle Coaster Support comes, along with 3 or more new track and train styles to come, and of course better models of coaster trains for the icing on the cake. I Also suggest buying it as soon as possible, because I have a feeling when 1.5 comes out the price for NL will go up. NL was the best $20 I spent on anything.

Chris Knight

I've had NL for about 10 months now. I love it! The learning curve is kind of steep (RCT is easier to master), but if you put some patience into it, it will be one of the most addictive sims you’ve ever played.
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When people start requesting where they can pirate software, I get mad. People don't really know at all the lengths that developers go, or the time or effort that goes into creating each part of the software that you are trying to get for free. Just pay the money, and shut up. Quit trying to rip people off.

Shaun Rajewski
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Sorry, everyone if I offended you I was just wondering and I did download the demo and the game looks pretty cool.But can I download tracks and ride them with the demo. And I do think ill pay the 25$ and get the full version but I couldnt understand how to make a ride.Any help or comments please.Thanx,

Enjoy the rest of your day here at Cedar Point ,, Americas Rock n' Rollercoast.

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