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Then when they get invited to media events and get free good, gifts and rides they complain about that too.

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Oh I know. I'm grouchy because I just came from a media event where the enthusiasts who weren't complaining about something were walking around with their jaws clenched and their eyes narrowed expounding untruths like they were some kind of experts in every field.

Sorry. It makes me really grouchy.

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CoasterBuzz, the only enthusiast site that hates enthusiasts!

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Captain Hawkeye said:

2) CP closed 2 rides early so that Gatekeeper could open on time. Was that "unacceptable?" Did not people plan visits, purchase airline tickets, etc based on Space Spiral & Disaster Transport being open? Why should people who demand that a new ride be ready for Opening Day get preference over fans of the old ride(s)?

That's a decent point... we went to CP that year in the fall. My wife loved DT and my son would have finally been tall enough for it.

In fact, the time before that I went the spring of the season that Maverick was supposed to open. It was not, although I got to see it test all day.


Oh, I was the poor unfortunate who booked a non- refundable Sunday thru Friday at the Breakers that year. I showed up on Mother's Day and the only thing I could do was get a beer, sit on a bench and stare thru the fence at Maverick with a big chunk out of it. Then I stood on the bench and screamed "ALL RIGHT! WHO'S DROPPING THE BALL AROUND HERE!"

Actually, I made the best of it. I took my week at the park to enjoy low attendance and lots of time for all my usual favorites. I got on Maverick a couple weeks later, also on a slow day. It was really disappointing, but not the worst thing that ever happened.

Speaking of Maverick, isn't that the ride that necessitated removal of White Water Landing so damn early that an entire summer was spent without an attraction of any kind in that spot? Plenty of time to have it ready for opening day, right...?

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RCMAC said:

Then I stood on the bench and screamed "ALL RIGHT! WHO'S DROPPING THE BALL AROUND HERE!"

I picture it more like this:

Then I stood on the bench and screamed

It was just like that. Only I was better looking.

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