No Goliath

Well it seems that Goliath at Six Flags is coming. I am only going to point out a few discrepancies:

1. Goliath at SFMM is 235 feet tall.
2. Goliath at SFOG is 203 feet tall.
3. Goliath at La Ronde is 174 feet tall
4. Goliath at SFFT is only 105 feet tall.

Is it just me or does SFFT need to hire a new advertising agency ? I mean after all, they are still laboring under impression that Superman Krypton Coaster is the largest steel coaster in Texas. If am not mistaken, Titan usurped that title in 2001 by being over 1200 feet longer. Just an observation of mine.

Are you MAN ENOUGH to ride this ride ?
^Goliath at SFFT is a Batman the Ride clone being moved from SF New Orleans.
You also may want to check out THIS thread which MUCH debate about the Goliath name. Frankly, it's been talked to death already.

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