No-fly zones over Disney parks could be for terrorist threat or avoiding advertisements

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The sky over Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando is "national defense airspace." Intentionally violating Mickey and Minnie's airspace, the alerts warn, could result in interception, interrogation and federal prosecution. These no-fly zones are known as temporary flight restrictions, like the ones that surround the president when he travels or those put in place above Ferguson, Mo., during protests over the summer. Wildfires, air shows and large sporting events regularly get temporary flight restrictions.

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I don't know about this. When we were at EPCOT in February we looked up and a sky writer had written something that appeared to say "Love U " and we thought that was so sweet. Maybe someone hired a message for their sweetheart or something. Probably proposing right now. Awwww...
When we looked up later it said "Love Jesus". Oh.

I remember back in the 80's it was common for the now long gone (I think) Rosie O'Gradys to skywrite every day over WDW. They did great things like their logo, giant beer mugs and stuff like that. But that was long before the skies were deemed threatening and security was such as it is now.

And by the way, I'll have the Family Policy Network know that I have hopeforhomosexuals every day of my life.

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That guy is always up there, but keep in mind he's not over the park. Those people running tourists near the park in scary little helicopters aren't over the park either, just around the fringe.

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Yeah, I reckon that with skywriting being what it is, large and all, that it's possible to be out of the zone and still be visible for miles. Not too much they can do about that.

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Maybe, but the dude appears to pick the windiest days to do it. He gets like two or three letters before they're not legible.

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The flight restriction only is for under 3,000 feet and is only 6 miles wide (appears to be centered over the MK).

That's not a very big area in pilot speak, and it would be very easy for a banner or smoke plane to fly over the parks above 3,000 feet, and still be pretty visible.

Here is the official TFR/NOTAM from the FAA with a map graphic:

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I was going to say, how else am I going to know to TRU JES?

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So, is the theory that a terrorist is planning on doing some sort of airplane terrorism to the Magic Kingdom, but that this will deter said terrorist?


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Seems legit. Like "gun-free zones" prevent psychopaths from shooting people.

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I *think* (caveat included gratis) that Disney would be perceived as a high-value target. If you wanted publicity, and what self-respecting terrorist doesn't, then the next best thing to the World Series or Super Bowl would be to hit a Disney park.

Avoiding advertisements is just a bonus for us...

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I'm pretty sure I've seen photos of a Goodyear Blimp over Disney before and that would be considered advertising. It's possible they had a special promotion going on with them, so they were given permission to fly over. I'm a blimp nerd, so I know things like that.


I'm just a blimp.

So was the Hindenburg...

But then again, what do I know?

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Oh the humanity!


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Did it read "Ice Cube's A Pimp?"

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I remember being at DHS some years back, looking up and seeing "GO" in the sky, and being completely bewildered. Some time later, I looked up and saw the end of the message, and figured out what the gist was, as the first part was gone... doesn't seem like the most effective way to communicate the message.

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