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Tuesday, August 9, 2005 10:47 PM

Michael Darling said:
OMG, you got us. Yes, we're all joking with you. I'm so glad you were such a willing participant on our hidden camera TV show.

If you turn around right now you'll see a little red light on the wall behind you. That's our hidden camera! It captured every single second of your disgust while reading that there are actually some people out there that have opinions different than your own!

The show will air in two weeks. I do hope you'll tune in.

Now we just need you to sign this waiver so we can use your image...

That has got to go down in Cbuzz history as one of the funniest things I ever witnessed. We all think it Michael, but you say it!

I was like, "Where did this guy come from, is he for real?" Just like I would have done on Candid Camera.

Brilliant! ;)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 12:14 AM
Bull may not be better than the Force, but SFNE's Superman: Ride of Steel is...

Nice trip report. I'd love to get out to this park sometime soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 12:27 AM
Wow, why all the Bull hating? I have been on it 109 times this season, what a great ride. Best first drop I have EVER been on. Too bad you guys didnt get to experience it back in 99 and 00 when they didnt really use the THAT was a rush. I'm talking extreme G-forces in the figure-8 and EXTREME ejector air on the bunny hills. Those were the days.
Wednesday, August 10, 2005 8:46 AM
Call me crazy for having my own opinion, but I think Bull is far better than Millie. I will disagree with G-man here and say that Phantom is my personal favorite coaster (even slightly above my favorite woodie AND SFA's RoS, sorry gator:)), but again, it is MY OPINION, Jeff.

Call me retarded, call me crazy, call me polka dot. You're still an Idiot, Mr. Rim...err...Reim.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 9:37 AM
Wow, I've been on all 5 of the coasters, and SFGAm is my home park. Now that being said, I think that RB is the #3 of the 3 B&M Hypers, and #5 in that list of coasters.

MF is #1 in my book, then you have to put Nitro, but PR is #3. How can you not love that second drop, as well as the insane airtime?

AC & Bull are both good coasters, however AC is better. The big thing that Bull is lacking is those floater hills. You have only one, add a couple more (and you would be in the middle of Viper) and it would be a better coaster.

Just my 2 cents

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 10:02 AM
BullGuy, I also had a totally smooth ride on Iron Wolf on the seventh. It shows what Iron Wolf was designed to be- an amazingly fun and intense ride. Unfortunatly, the roughness usually kills your ride experience.

I think American Eagle forwards has been running amazing last season and even better this season. It flies through the brakes on the helix, and gives a ton of airtime, especially in the front car/row. And, the ride is very smooth. The only brakes that are on very hard are the ones before the final helix, and I'm glad that they're on. (Because it's a really rough part.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 5:30 PM
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TeknoScorpion said:
I will...say that Phantom is my personal favorite coaster (even slightly above my favorite woodie AND SFA's RoS, sorry gator:)), but again, it is MY OPINION, Jeff.

Don't apologize to ME, LOL....I had my *superlative rides* on SFA's version a FEW years night, front row, exceptional...

Based on best recollection, I'd call those rides *fairly even* with the more recent (and WAY easier to remeember) rides on Phantom from earlier this season....but then, I got back to SFNE one week ago today. No comparison, none at all....SFNE's version is THAT much better than SFA's (and I imagine than SFDL's woulda been had it been running)...

SFNE's Ride of Steel is possibly the ULTIMATE rollercoaster...the *only* way I'd have a hard time deciding on it would be if Tremors were on the other side of the midway...and that is the ONLY other ride I would place in the VICINITY....

Thursday, August 11, 2005 10:07 AM
Yep. I need to get back up to Mass. and finally ride RoS.
Friday, August 12, 2005 8:38 PM
Ragun Cajun did spin, it just was no good. Horrible transitions, boring layout and just not my type of ride. I perfer Hersheys Wild mouse and like Cedar Points Wildcat. I think Hersheys is the best example of how to do a wild mouse, with better transitions, continous loading, and no hard trim brakes like some have.

Wildcat is a fun ride, and is little different in that it has banked curves. Like a better version of a Galaxy (like at IB). I wonder why you don't have more wild mouse type rides have banked curves, instead of those flat curves on top. I think if I had to rate the wild mouses I have been on it would be the following:

1. Wild Cat at Cedar Point

2 Wild mouse at Hershey park

3. The wild mouse that used to be at Busch Gardens, now Cheetah Chase.

4. Wild mouse at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

5. Rajun Cajun

Only really liked the first 2, the one at Busch was ok. The last two really suck. I might have left off a few, but were not sure about the Galaxy at IB, or that compact steel that used to be at Americana, and the one at Williams Grove. Do they count as wild mouses?

Friday, August 12, 2005 10:48 PM
rollergator's avatar To ME, a wild mouse is a LOT of things, but Wildcats and Galaxies it's not...Mice are about LATERALS, or even spinning on the newer versions, but *I* wouldn't call anything by Anton, or SDC, "a mouse"....

Much like your coaster count, it's HIGHLY debatable, LOL... :)

I should note that the Maus at BGW was "meh at best", but since it's come to BGT, *Cheetah* is a way better's brakes have ALL been reduced or turned OFF...
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Saturday, August 13, 2005 12:19 AM
Back to also disappointed me on my one mid-day ride this year. Where's the speed? This ride was amazing until the last couple years, but it doesn't feel the same now. Maybe its just me.

Monday, August 15, 2005 5:17 PM
ApolloAndy's avatar In my experience, Viper really needs to be ridden at night in 1-3 or the very back to shine. During the day, it's only decent but at night, it's really *that good.*

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Monday, August 15, 2005 5:33 PM
Viper had a bad summer where it didn't seem to be running right, seemed sluggish. However I have rode it a few times within the past 2 weeks and it seems to be running really good again.
Monday, August 15, 2005 6:17 PM
With Viper I agree it is definately a ride that get better later in the day. Noticable difference when it comes to speed, pacing, forces, etc. Also at night the structure adds an element of suprise in that you can't see where your going all the time. The back seat was the best for me, it just seems the hills are shaped such that it provides the most airtime there. I tried 1-2, earlier in the day and it was not nearly as good as my later in the day ride in the last seat. So I would not think 1-3 would be as good as the last seat.

Viper is probably one of the more tempormental wooden coasters I have ridden, probably more now than my previous visits to the park. Not that it is such a bad thing, just ride it as late as possible if you want the best ride. So it also seems that my findings agree with others. So I recommend if your going to Six Flags Great Amercia, and want to ride Viper at its best, ride as late as you can, and I would choose the last seat.

Monday, August 15, 2005 8:14 PM
I say the best is right after a 3 hour rain. :)

Thats what I did and man... it was cookin...

i'm not sure what to put here..


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