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Hey guys, I just got No Limits Simulator. But I have a question about the user name and registration key that I have to enter in order to play the full release of the game. I had the demo before, but now I have to enter this information..and I have the info, but for some reason when I enter it exactly how I see it, it won't accept it. So what do I do? Can someone help? Thanks, I'd appreciate it.
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Just a GUESS... and I may be wrong, but try uninstalling the demo version & installing the regular full version, then try registering it.

It's how I did it when I first got it, and everytime I've reformatted my computer since, I've used a copy I made of it to put back onto my computer & just put my original registration information when it prompts without any issues.

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...or there is the chance that the information you are trying to use is no longer active due to pirating...?

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