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Well, I've finally built my first coaster with NL (I didn't screw around too much with the demo, since you couldn't see it in full 3D anyway.)  and I've found that it's actually much easier to build most elements with NL than in SM.  Especially things like S curves and wild inversions.  I built a great 240 foot hyper inverted, and I'm just finishing up the supports.  The ability to make your own supports is fantastic, and you can see the results in the version of MF included with the game...the lift hill support structure is AWESOME. 

The whole thing is very polished, and just great....Ole produced a wonder.  :)

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If you really want to see the wonders of a custom support structure try out Flashback.  It took me a very long time to build all that. 

I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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This game just rocks.  I'm very impressed.  After tooling around for awhile, I can't wait to create the rides of my dreams.  Thank you!!!!!!  This will definately take the edge off during the off season.
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I love it so far. I created my first coaster which was a disaster because everything ran into everything else. Which kind of brings me to a question for Ride_Op or anyone else who knows this inside out...

Is there an automatic support placer? Because well, for my first coaster... the train ran into a lot of the supports underneath the track above as well as through the station house twice, and then some!! I know it was my first try and a little better planning is needed... but still want to know if there is automatic support placers?

First, it is sort of hard to see the supports in the editor, so when you are running into them on the track, you can't tell until it's too late... Just a note.

And about Flashback... My GOD. I'm not normally one to drool over something and kiss someone's butt for a long time over it, but that thing is seriously a work of art. :)

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There isn't an automatic support placer, but placing the predefined supports is really easy.  You just have to think about the direction that the track is angled at and you should be fine.  You'll get used to it.  Tip:  spread your coasters out.  Lightwave was a pain in the*****to make the support structure for as I built the track then had to build supports around it.  You'll get the hang of it in no time.

Thanks GC!  I spent quite a long time getting that perfected and pouring over pictures of it (which are quite hard to come by over the net).


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Amazing creation. Sure there are things to be added, but this is really a breakthrough in it's field. I love it. Just wish i had a little more graphics power. By the way...i am going to buy a new video card now...for this game, which should i get? GeForce2 seems to be the way to go, any problems with GeForce3?

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