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My gf and I are going to tour a number of NJ boardwalks in early August. Keansburg, Wildwood, Seaside Heights, and Point Pleasant specifically. Really looking for rare/unique/old rides as well as fun houses/dark rides/haunted houses.

What are the hidden treasures and must-do rides?

Ya know, boardwalks are pretty small and easy to do. I've never been to Wildwood, I was in NJ too early in the season, but I hear there's no end of fun there. Someone here will know better than me.

I have been to Seaside and Jenkinsons. My trip to Seaside was before the big storm, so much of it has been lost since or is newly rebuilt. It's carnival-like, and there's a brand new coaster. The boardwalk is full of food, shops, and glorious tackiness. I loved it- there's certainly nothing like that in Ohio. There's a great antique carousel inside the Casino building across from the park, don't miss it.

Jenkinsons at Point Pleasant was really nice, and a step up from Seaside Heights. They do have a relatively new, elaborate fun house there that's awesome. It's totally ADA compliant, so it doesn't involve a lot of stunts and trick floors, but it's clever and a lot of fun. There's also a Flitzer coaster there that I really enjoyed. They are becoming rarer and rarer. There's a lot of restaurants and bars there that look decent. I didn't eat or drink, though.
The town is beautiful and some of the homes along the shore are stunning. Expensive property for sure.

That's all I know. You'll figure it out.

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Thread hijack incoming.

I'd also love to hear about other boardwalks on the east coast if anyone wants to give advice. We're planning a similar trip including Ocean City, MD.

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Morey's Piers is awesome. There's so much to do! I made video from my last visit there in 2014. I want to get back there sometime! So much fun!

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Second spending some time at Morey's. Do the dry piers one day and the water parks another. They have a lot packed in there. They have some cool dark rides/walk thrus and some neat older coasters.


Ocean City, MD has TWO Bill Tracy originals. The Haunted House and a Pirate-themed fun house at Trimper's amusements. Very, very cool. Don't go to the other, more modern haunted house tho. It is 100% garbage and barely functions.

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Yeah, this is a must nearly every time we've gone to Ocean City. It's been there since forever.

If you're going to be driving from Seaside to Wildwood you'll pass by Ocean City (NJ). Playland's Castaway Cove is easily the second best of NJ’s coastal amusement parks (after Morey's), and GaleForce is the best and most interesting steel coaster you'll find at the Jersey shore. They also have several good flat rides, including a Zamperla Air Race, Technical Park Street Fighter (ridiculous air time), and Technical Park Heavy Rotation (ridiculously fast spinning).

At Morey's, aside from the coasters, the biggest can't miss rides are the excellent log flume and the KMG Afterburner, which just has lapbars instead of the usual OTSR's.

The highlight at Keansburg is Chaos, which is one of the few Chance Chaos rides still in operation.

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From Jersey to DE to MD, the dark rides are frequently some of the best rides on the boardwalks.

Vater, the one you posted *is* the one with coffins as cars, right?

Heading to Wildwood next month...finally gonna get "it!"

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Surprised no one has mentioned Ghost Ship at Morey's Piers. I hate to use the word, but it's epic in the realm of walkthroughs. The Dante's Dungeon darkride is also pretty good, considering it started life as a lame portable. Sea Serpent remains a great Boomerang, the rebuilt Nor'easter is a fine inverted coaster, and there's also a Flitzer (that seems to be down at the moment). The log flume is one of the best in the business. Oh, and Great White is phenomenal- a very underrated wood coaster. Morey's Piers alone will consume a day, and Wildwood can easily claim a week of your time if you allow it.

Gillian's in Ocean City has a classic PTC carousel and a decent flume, as well as some steel coaster that I don't remember too much about. As mentioned by others, Playland is really nice, and has a new steel coaster (actually two new steel coasters), although I haven't been there in a few years (have to check it out this season).

Steel Pier in Atlantic City has the first Crazy Mouse to land on these shores, and I know they're building a huge Ferris wheel (that I don't think is open, and may not even be under construction).

Storybook Land in Egg Harbor is adorable.. immaculate... wonderful if you have kids, or want to feel like one. The Bubbles coaster is adorable and fun.

The same goes for Fantasy Island on LBI, and they have a new small spinning coaster this year.

Casino Pier in Seaside is making a comeback in a huge way with the new coaster and Ferris wheel. There's also the Moreland carousel- another classic machine that's dodged many bullets in recent years. Too bad the funky Miler Wild Mouse that actually DID survive Sandy was sold to another park- it would be a nice companion to the new coaster.

Jenkinson's at Point Pleasant is another great park if you have little ones, and they have some adult rides (some kind of spinning, swinging disc and a Flitzer stand out in my mind). There's more than just rides, including the aforementioned Fun House and a small aquarium.

The same goes for Keansburg- a similar assortment of many kiddie rides and a few adult ones, somewhat rough around the edges but fun nonetheless. Things have improved since Sandy when the storm wiped out some of the park's best and most noteworthy rides like a Schwarzkopf Wildcat, Pretzel darkride and Lusse scooters. The waterpark is small but decent. Only park I know of that has a standard kiddie Whip AND a Roto Whip (sadly, no adult Whip).

Hope that helps.

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