Nitro crew saves the day - 10/11

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Not too much to say. Another day, another trip to GAdv. Decided to head out after dinner because it was such a nice day. My CD player broke on the way which pissed me off and the park was crowded to all get out. I was parked in the overflow lot across the street, which I've never seen used before (although I tend to stay away from the park on mid summer Sats).

I took a quick lap around the park to check out most of the lines. Nitro was spilling out onto the sidewalk, S:UF had all the switchbacks open and was at the big left hand bend under the first drop. Not much else really appealed to me, so I headed to the arcade to try my hand at PiU (all the DDR machines are gone).

I really don't like the song selection for this game (I think it was premiere 2, whatever that means). I don't really think there's too much different about the pads, but I don't think I'll be giving this one another try. I flipped through the songs pretty quickly, but took about 15 or so tries to find anything that I would consider dancing to. I A'd my first run (which told me that it was grading way too easily, because I missed quite a few steps) and failed my second pretty quickly (I think it was a level 6 song). I would die to have any DDR machine (heck, bring back one without "little b*tch") around.

So I finally decided I would ride something (this was about 2 hrs. after I had entered the park). Headed over to Nitro and the line was right under the sign. I decided to start my stopwatch just to see how long it would take. All the switchbacks were full and fast lane was definitely in use (and I don't think they were using the fast pass entrance, but were running a separate load cycle out of the exit for the ride).

I watched the trains' interval and was really amazed. The trains were consistantly dispatching when the previous train headed up the second hill (with the twist to the left). Even the trains with the fastpass load cycle weren't too far behind that mark (usually when the previous train crested the third hill). It took me 38 minutes from the time I hopped into line right by the test seat 'til the time my butt was in the seat (I picked the second row and switched to an empty in the first row). By far the best I've ever seen this ride run. I made sure to compliment the ops and the person who I assume was the lead or some kind of management (she was wearing a red jacket).

The ride in the front was incredible, as usual and I poached three more rides out of my trip in 3, 3 and 7 (the one negative I would have about the crew was that they were not filling trains, but with 3 trains and a 5 person crew, it's hard to do. Besides, not filling trains increases poachability 10-fold).

Walked around the park and most of the lines continued to be longer than I've seen them, so I just went home. I'll prob. be back on Sunday, hopefully to some shorter lines.

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The Nitro crew usuallly rocks. That thing is a people eater.
Did anyone ever bother trying out the seats on the KMG Tango? And if so, were they male?
A one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater.

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I was there first thing in the morning and the lines weren't too bad. Got a good six rides on Nitro (3 times in line, re-ride each time) before I couldn't grab the re-rides anymore.

As the day went on, I think families started to realize it was going to be a nice day instead of the rain that was called for and the park started to fill up.

I left around 4 p.m. when I decided it wasn't worth waiting in the lines any more.

Best part was telling my friends yesterday "Yeah, the weather was really nice, which sucked" :)

Men are like parking spaces... the good ones are all taken and the rest are handicapped or too far away.

Good on you for complimenting the staff, even though it was deserved. Filling the trains sometimes helps, but as you say, with a crew of 5, it can sometimes slow down operations waiting for a single rider/pair etc to get to the train.

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