"Nightmare on Broad Street"

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This is the multi-walkthru at the Comcast Spectrum in Philadelphia. parking is plentiful, and about $5-10. You go to the gate and purchase an entry time. People were going in on the hour. The place was overwhelmed to say the least. We were there at 6:45pm, and received 9pm tickets. Took a Subway ride to Market Street, and had dinner at the Independence Pub. Excellent. 8/10. Rode the Subway back, no muggings, but there was a whiff of 'tinkle' in the hallways. 6/10.

We que'd up in the 9pm line, and began the long walk. We arrived at the entrance at 945pm. They have vendors set up in line, along with Mr. John's and metal detectors. We watched a movie about the Freak Show at Coney Island, and a movie trailer on 'Van Heilseig' (sp), now out on DVD. Universal Entertainment is a sponsor, and the walk thru's are loosely based on the movie, we were told.

After another line, we entered the Horrorwood Theater, which was a standard set up. After the next line, we did the Freakshow in 3-D, in which they give you glasses while in line. This area had a great effects, but again, not too terrorizing. The, another line, and into The Freezer. I actually was able to scare about a dozen other people walking, as the maze is tight, and loads of strobe lights. The wall were 8 ft. chain link fences and mirrors.

Next was the Mummy's Revenge, which again, was not too scary. My problem is that I see very well in the dark, and I bascially was not 'suprised' once this October in all my travels. I really need a pitch black chainsaw limb slicing out on the farm event to gather my attention. Anyhow, after that, you begin the long exit process, which takes you past the 'Teddy Scares' retail booth, (Build A Bear gone amuck at $25), and the 'Heads of State', which are pumpkins carved in Presidential likenesses. I think liberals work there, as there was a pumpkin for John Kerry.

You then exit through the arena's Sports Bar, where Fortune Tellers are set up for $5 readings. Chicken Wings, Tarot Cards, and the Simpsons. What a combo. My overall, event, which costs $20, is a 6.5/10. We were told that this was to be a weekend only gig, but to handle the crowds, they added weekedays. This has potential, especially with the Eastern Penitentary Hauntings just a few miles away.

I would do this next year, if A) they change it up. B) I am in the area earlier in the season, and C) I get there about 5pm to buy a ticket. We finished the walks about 11:15pm. Its about 70 minutes, total. *** Edited 10/31/2004 7:38:40 PM UTC by Agent Johnson***

I agree with you AJ. The Nightmare on Board Street had a very good fun factor, but was not as scary as I like it to be. The overall atmosphere was what made it for me. The egor bug eye looking character in the first Van Heilseig maze was the only surprise for me. I had a good time and would go back next year. I rate the subway ride a little higher 6.25/10. Always a good time riding the train.

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Nice TR. HA!...You RATED the subway ride.

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