Nickelodeon Universe 4/5/08

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This is the first time I've been to the Park at MOA errr Nickelodeon Universe since it's been redone. Most the rides in the park are the same as they always have been, but with "Nick" names now. Gone now is just about all the "logging" theming that was prevalent before.

My main intent was to ride the 2 new coasters, so I didn't do a day pass or spend money on alot of points.

Fairly Odd Coaster - This coaster was as fun as always. The crew working this did a good job keeping the line moving at a good clip. 10 mins wait tops for what seemed like a long line.

Spongebob Squarepants Rockbottom Plunge - This was my first ride on a "Euro Fighter" type coaster. I have to admit I was very underwhelmed on this one. The only big thrill was on the initial climb straight up and then drop. The rest was so so. This one has two inverts, a loop and a heartline roll. One complaint I did have was that I had expected the ride to be completely smooth for being new. I felt alot of rattling on this one. Is this normal for this type of ride? Was fun though.

Avatar Airbender - WOW! This one was more exciting than I expected. This Intamin half pipe scared the bejeeeezus outta me. This is basically a big skate board going back n forth with 2 vertical spikes going up. BUT there are 2 sets of rotating seats facing outward at each end of the board. It seemed random as far as the spinning. Maybe if one side is weighted more it will spin more? 1 of the times at the top of the spike the spinning had me at the top. Good lord thought I'd fly off the top! Very Very Fun Ride!!!

Looks like they are doing a good job with the park overall. They had many automated kiosks for purchasing tickets with a credit card, and then a booth to purchase with cash. I'd never been on a weekend before, so didn't expect the crowds. I will say they did a good job in keeping all the lines moving so that it didn't seem like you were in a never ending line. If this is an indication how the park will be run, then I think they'll do good here with this one.

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