Nick Universe, Mall of America - 5/2/12

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I'm not going to offer any details of the trip other than coasters because a) it's pretty boring and b) it's really, really boring. Thanks to whoever posted about the free Ride All Day pass. I used that and ended up spending $0 at Nick U.

First coaster: Avatar Airbender (344) - Holy crap, this ride was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed the combination of airtime and different directions. The different spinning also added a neat dimension (maybe the 4th dimension?) to the ride. Unfortunately, after a few passes I started feeling a bit...queasy. I was happy to ride it once and really enjoyed it, but I don't think I could have ridden it again.

Coaster #2: Spongebob (345) - This ride was also a lot of fun. The climb and the drop in particular were very unique and this model was a great way to fit a "full size" coaster into the space. The first drop reminded me a whole lot of NTG for some reason. After that, the little hop between the loop and overbank was another really neat moment but the rest (including the overbank) was more headbanging and side slamming than enjoyable. I took a second trip on this and confirmed my opinion. Good, but not great.

#3: Pepsi Orange Streak (346) - Wow! I really enjoyed this thing. The mix of speed, the dark ride section and flying around the whole "park" along with the really long and unique layout made this a real winner for me. Not particularly thrilling but I definitely let out some giggles.

#4: Barnyard something or other (347) - A powered coaster. It's a credit. ;)

#5: Fairly Odd coaster (348) - being a SFoT homepark-er I didn't expect much from this ride. The layout is slightly different (in particular the station is in a different relative place, the layout is mirrored, and I think it's a little more compact in the big turnaround) but I wasn't expecting much different from Tony Hawk/Big Spin/Pandemonium. I got a solo ride and darn near spun my brains out. I was the most spin I've gotten on any spinning coaster, ever. It was fun, but I would never do it again solo. I just don't like spinning *that* much.

I also took a trip on the log flume, which was pretty cool. The dark ride style scenes were neat and the two drops were both pretty good. The first in particular got me a bit wet. (The second didn't at all).

Overall, I'm impressed they could put that much stuff in a mall. TMNT was down, and after feeling queasy on the first ride of the day, I didn't want to try any of the other flats. A fun park for a few hours, but if I never went back, it would probably be okay.

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I think that log flume is a real treasure. I hate to be overly nostalgic, but it really is the kind of classic that's getting harder to find.

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I really need to get to the MoA one of these days. Sounds like a fun weekend trip.

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Glad to hear its worth a visit. i will be stopping there and at ValleyFair on our way back from Yellowstone later this summer.

I have heard that these coasters are quite a fun time before. I would really like to go there sometime, especially since I haven't been to a full indoor amusement park in years and years, but it is really far for me. Plus, I want to conserve it for a winter trip since I start to go through coaster withdrawal around December/January. I'm surprised New York doesn't have something like this little park...I would be over there in a New York minute (I know, I know, that was awful).

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I agree with Jeff, the log flume is one of my favorite ones! We rode it twice right before closing My wife and I switched positions after the first ride when I didn't get wet and she did. I loved all the theming of the ride. Wish there were more like it.

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CoffinBoy said:

My wife and I switched positions after the first ride when I didn't get wet and she did.

Taking stuff out of context is fun.

I can't believe I didn't catch that! :)

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