Nice Day for Knott's Berry Farm

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Monday, May 26, 2008 10:43 PM
Today the park was pretty busy seeing as it was a holiday. It did not take long for them to process my season pass and head into the park, as well as go on some rides.

The new roller coaster, Pony Express was open and running pretty decently when I looked at it. I received a boarding time for 2:35 (40 Min.) and headed off to some other rides.

Jaguar had about a 15-20 minute wait so I boarded that.

JAGUAR-20 Min Wait
Rode the back of this coaster and loved it. There is such a nice amount of whip time on this coaster, and I love how you can slide from side to side in the seat. Still it's missing some airtime hills. 8/10

I headed over to board the Pony Express, but found that it was closed, since it was a new ride I decided to wait it out.

PONY EXPRESS: 45 Min. Wait
For a motor bike style coaster, I did not know what to expect, this is my first experience on one, and was relatively enjoyable. I must say that the ride was entirely too short however. It would have been much more enjoyable with some airtime hills or the like. 8/10

Next ride I headed to was the Silver Bullet.

This ride is extremely jerky and shaky. Also I am so used to the classic B&M roar, that it was weird not hearing that. The only leg up this ride has, is there are really not hard brakes at the end. 6/10

I was walking around in Camp Snoopy area and hit up a few rides over there.

This was surprisingly a very nice flat ride and I enjoyed it. I understand being in a children's area this ride was designed for children, but I believe Knott's would benefit from a bigger and longer one, with less jerky brakes. 8/10

The only coaster I hadn't rode at Knott's. I was surprised at some of the whips and airtime on this coaster, for a coaster in a children's area this was a very nice coaster. 9/10

Overall at Knott's I was a bit bored and found nothing extraodinary like I did last year. 70/100

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