Niagara's Fury

"A new multi-million dollar attraction will be opened at Niagara Falls in Canada this summer.

While full details of the attraction were not revealed, the Canadian Tourism Commission confirmed that it would be called Niagara's Fury and will be based at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls.

The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) reportedly used technology and science that have never before been conceived in the development of the new site.

Jim Williams, chairman of the commission, said: 'Niagara's Fury is an extreme experience like no other.

'It will change you in a way you never imagined. The real question is: Will you survive?'

The new attraction is the cornerstone of a number of ongoing renovations at Niagara Falls' Table Rock Centre, which is being advertised as the location's newest must-see destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

One of the developments included in the centre is a year-round viewing gallery and a sweet shop with its own on-site confectionery chef."

Has anyone heard anything about this yet?

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My guess is that it is a glass-enclosed walkway that enables visitors to walk thru and behind the falls.
...and here I was hoping for a hyper log flume or something!!

It's not glass enclosed but they do have an attraction similar to that already.

It's called Journey Behind the Falls

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Right Donny...I knew of that. What I had envisioned enables people to walk thru the face of the falls. But I'm only guessing at what it could be.
The water pressure is so overpowering under the falls. I can't imagine what they could even do safely in that area.

Hey that's why engineers get payed the big bucks for though right.

Maybe it's like X Scream on the Stratosphere? Perhaps in the shape of a barrel? :)


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LOL tambo. Whatever it is I'm guessing it's not nearly as exciting as the name implies.
Since they said it would be based at the "brink" of the Horseshoe Falls, it sounds like whatever it is (that hadn't been conceived before), you'll be perched above the falls. Maybe looking straight down or right in front of them.
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In other words, imagine this, with water below it (well, not as far below it, lol).

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Here are some visuals of it's glass floor.
I'd put my money on some sort of actual attraction/ride experience. I was on the Canadian side of the falls a few months ago and the existing walkway in this area already gives you a really impressive view of the falls and the churning water below, and any kind of permanent bridge structure close enough to the falls to be exciting would severely screwup the photogenics of the falls.

And I agree with the above assesment that there is no engineering that could overcome the sheer force of all that water on any sort of glass tunnel.

Interestingly, when I visited I discovered the unchecked development in this area of the Candian falls seem to be destroying the ability to fully experience the falls... the tall hotels built up on the hill are blocking natural windflow through the valley causing a heavy mist to hang over the falls most of the time, at times obscuring them completely. Sounds like a Spielberg movie or something... development destroying the wonder of the very natural wonder that draws people there in the first place.

Kinda like Pigeon Forge.

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My guess is it's something like that thing that drops off the side of the tower in Vegas, Could you see riding some track a few feet above the water and then nose diving over?


^Like Tambo mentioned, X-Scream. I could see something like this, it would be quite intimidating, moreso then the stratosphere IMO.
I think like said above, its like that thing at the Grand Canyon. I think worst comes to worst its probably going to be like that simulator at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Yeah thats what came to mind for me too. Something like the thing that hangs and spins over the edge of the Stratosphere tower but over the falls...

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Does anyone else find it a bit...well....tacky to build an "attraction" on the Falls? I didn't realize a natural wonder needed bells and whistles.

Have you been to Niagra falls? "Tacky" Is its middle name.

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True, but most of the tackiest tourist stuff is kept well away from the Falls themselves (or at least on the Canadian side, where I always go). In the area directly abutting the falls, it's actually fairly subdued. There is the visitor center, but the exterior looks quite pleasant and doesn't take away from the surroundings.

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That's exactly what I meant. I realize all the ridiculous (IMO) haunted houses, attractions, etc. that are there...but the falls are just, well...the falls.

Now of course, there are no details about what this is, but building some type of attraction on or directly adjacent to the falls themselves does not seem to jive with any sense of preserving what is left of the natural beauty old the falls.

I just don't understand the need to add to something that in and of itself is just as impressive as an man-made structure. Which is the point of the falls.

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