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Hello all!

Basically, I am not satisfied with NoLimits or RCT for my coaster simulator.

So - rather than sit there whining, I sat there and coded my own next-generation rollercoaster track generator for the Unreal4 engine which allows absolute 100% freedom of track creation. Thats right - any turn, any bend, any track length - absoutely no pre-set pieces, the entire track is created using procedural mathematics from a spline you draw in a world. And also, an ultra-smooth world-accurate physics engine for the cars.

It still needs work, and I know there are no track supports or brakes or chainlift models at the moment - i have to make all the models myself and it takes time :P

Stress Test 1 = 8.5 Mile track

Test Track Speedbuild

What do you think? :)

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It's cool and all, but I haven't found No Limits 2 to be anything but utterly sensational. It feels like there are quite literally No Limits - I'm not sure how I would go about improving it, bar asking for more track styles but that seems to be part of the plan and the software is built in a way whereby it is is expandable.

Also, the work they have done to engage the manufacturers is admirable and will help the game going forward, I am sure.

I think it's awesome you're doing this and you obviously have talent - but I don't fully understand the need for it.

Good luck!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I'm going to start sounding like a broken record here, but NL2 needs a Mac version..

Quite. The lack of a Mac version is really disappointing.

Good news then! this is fully mac and linux compatible :)

@Rick_uk: Youre absolutely right, of course - NL2 is awesome. But currently I am engaged in a project creating a suite of procedural level design tools for Unreal4, and after playing NL2 'I thought - I reckon I could have a crack at this in my spare time' - this is the result after a weeks' hard work, and its getting there! I know it will never be NL2 with all its officialness, and I am but one man with little in the way of resources to throw at this, but this coaster sim does support absolutely insane amounts of detail, and practically unlimited streaming worlds (100km2+). all of the other tools for building the theme park are also procedural - people, cars, buildings, monorail etc.

Its also absolutely flexible - the code is all visual script and editable, and all the models for everything can be 'dragged and dropped' from 3ds max or blender, or bought off the Unreal Marketplace. You can also build theme parks into a format that can be played and experienced by people in first person without the editor on mac, pc, linux, IOS or Android.

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Am I the only one who wants to take a lap on the 8.5 mile track? That outward banked track looks absolutely stupid-intense!

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Not the only one. Except... as per the precedent set forth in "Maverick 2008," the snap roll at 0:29 would need to be removed.

I love the scenery too.

Hey Tommy, Millenium, good news then as I have been working further on this and hope to release it really soon, Ill post back here with details when its released :)

For anyone who was interested, the beta is available at:

Shop page link

Really cool, Sneaky!

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