News On Premier lapbars.

Friday, August 3, 2001 1:31 PM
I was at SFGAd today and talked to the park manager and he said the new train to Robin arrived in June and has lapbars but will open next season. Also this winter the Batman side will get them and they will both run in 2002.

Also does anyone know what other premiers will get lap bars in 2002.
Friday, August 3, 2001 1:33 PM
Whatever parks want to pay for them:), and it's not cheap!
Friday, August 3, 2001 2:05 PM
Even if its not cheap does anyone know what rides are getting them.
Friday, August 3, 2001 2:10 PM
I wish the Mr. Freezes would get them.
Friday, August 3, 2001 2:20 PM
I am going to assume, if Six Flags looks into guest complaints of headbanging on their Premier Coasters as Much as Paramount did, they are going to spend the money to make them more comfortible. If the Robin and Batman rumor is true, you can bet that the other rides will soon follow suit.
Friday, August 3, 2001 2:32 PM
If Batman The Chiller is getting them Mr. Freeze will probably to and so will Jokers Jinx and Poltrigeist.
Friday, August 3, 2001 3:35 PM
Any other Premiers to get them
Friday, August 3, 2001 3:41 PM
That's good news. Hey, good thing SFGAdv wont tare down the ride.

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Friday, August 3, 2001 4:39 PM
In the end it would probably pay for themselves, raising the GP's ridership.

.:| Brandon Rodriguez |:.
Friday, August 3, 2001 5:00 PM
so is that why the robin side has been closed all year

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