News On Dorney's New Coaster!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2000 11:43 AM
Saturday, August 26, 2000 11:55 AM
OOPS! I guess something went wrong when I poster the message! Here it is...

Dorney posted a new news article on their site today about discount season passes for 2001. In the article it said a little something about the new coaster! Heres the part about the coaster:

2001 Season Pass holders will experience the thrill of a lifetime when Dorney Park unveils its new inverted roller coaster. Standing 135 feet tall, this all new scream-machine will take daring riders on a 58 m.p.h. adventure through four thrilling inversions!

Sadly it only has 4 inversion and goes basically the same speed as Great Bear. I think it's kinda stupid that they are getting a coaster similar to one that is not very far away. Oh well, I am still VERY VERY excited!!! I can't wait til' next year!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2000 1:21 PM
Sounds very good to me. The world can't have enough B&M inverteds IMO. Now if Knott's could only hurry and burn... oops! I mean take down Windjammar.
Saturday, August 26, 2000 1:34 PM
Isn't it costing them 15 million? I'd expect someting a bit bigger since Raptor was less then that, maybe it has to do with the land and everything...

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Saturday, August 26, 2000 2:02 PM
You have to remember that Raptor was built in 1994. Prices have gone up, and B&M coasters are expensive and more popular now. I think it'll still be a great coaster. I'm going to Dorney next year for the first time, so I'm very excited about the new coaster. Peace. :)
Sunday, August 27, 2000 7:36 PM
Shouldn't this be posted in the news section?

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Sunday, August 27, 2000 7:52 PM
I'm guessing a vert loop, Immleman, inline twist and a corkscrew. I wonder if in 2002 they build a racing dueling GCI coaster? Why would Dorney just build somthing to equal the Great Bear in inversions. Why not beat it by at least one.

Monday, August 28, 2000 3:51 PM
Is Great Bear a B&M?
Also what is the new coaster going to be called. Terrordactyl is stupid.
"FEAR the Four!"
Monday, August 28, 2000 5:10 PM
Yes, Great Bear is a B&M.
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Monday, August 28, 2000 6:24 PM
I for one really don't recall hearing anything about the coaster being a B&M.
IMHO I'm hoping for a new Intamin LIM launched invert.That would more or less make up for the 15 million dollar price tag.
Than again maybe the company that's building the thing knows about CF's legal problems with another coaster maker and their just trying to cover their tails?
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 7:41 PM
That's good news! I'm going to have to get out there and ride it! Cant wait!
Tuesday, March 22, 2005 7:44 PM
Don't be a moron.

Why the hell would you drag this up from the archives?

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