New York Daily News publishes hit piece on amusement safety

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[Ed. note: This is fully intended to be a critique of what passes as "news." -J]

The New York Daily News has posted a hit piece on the amusement industry and its safety record, wrapped in hyperbole and a genuine link-baiting headline. It's a poor attempt at journalism by every account. Start with the (long) headline:

The safety of summer thrills: Amusement park risks nearly impossible to know because of terrifying patchwork of state laws or almost no regulation

This makes several illogical assumptions. First, it seems to suggest that states are responsible for each other, which is not the case. It also suggests that deeper regulation, likely federal, would cure a more widespread problem. The fact is that injuries on fixed-site rides have remained a rounding error relative to the increasing number of rides given. IAAPA has often quoted the odds of serious injury on an amusement ride at 1 in 24 million. Compare that to the odds of being struck by lightning, at 1 in 700,000.

Senator Ed Markey's silly crusade, "for the children," has been going on for nearly two decades now, and one congressional committee after another has reached the same conclusion: Federal oversight is an unnecessary expense that does not make rides safer.

Let's not forget that injury is not in the best interest of the companies that operate rides. Hurting and killing people, obvious as it may seem, is not in the best interest of operators. The bigger risk is, and always will be, the drive to the amusement park.

Read more (if you can stand it) from The New York Daily News.

“I’ve never seen one park say, ‘We did something wrong,’” attorney Reiff said.

I believe Alton Towers just did say that.

Loshaw said her ex-husband’s death could have led to lessons learned for the rest of the industry. Instead, she said, it’s “almost like it never happened.”(her ex-husband was veteran with no legs)

Apparently She doesn't know most of the industry now turns away anyone missing part of a limb. (even hand @ wrist)

Before they were worried about Lawsuit under ADA

Is Markey up for reelection again?

Anyone else think this is a case of lets publish a story about a dead veteran on memorial Day.

(note : I am a veteran)

Two of the three stories quoted were people who should have been turned away from ride .

Not sure of third. But the guy with No legs and the Big lady should not have been allowed to ride.

(note : I am a big guy and Have done the walk of shame after ride restraints would not close )

I have lost some weight and currently can ride most rides.

I believe this author believes the Federal Government can take care of us better than we can take care ourselves and our families .

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When I saw the front page, my first thought was..."hit piece."

There is no attempt to be remotely even-handed....

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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I tried, I really did try to read the entire damn thing.

But seriously....

"...terrifying rides immune to federal investigation..." Rides are not subject to federal investigation, which can be changed by Congress.

"Amusement parks report more than 1,000 injuries each year....nearly four [deaths] per year" 1,000 injuries? 4 deaths? Each year? Wow! Out of (according to IAAPA) 375 million guests who visit North American parks each year. I'm not good at the mathematicals, but I'm pretty sure 1,000 is a very tiny fraction of a percent of 375 million.

...I had to stop.

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The way I see it I live in a state where there are regulations and inspections. Instead of pushing for federal regulations people in states where there is no oversight of amusement rides should make it clear to their state representatives that they want some. No reason to push for anything at the federal level. I will admit I didn't bother reading the article these are just my feelings on the general subject of safety and inspections.

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