New woodie for Green Bay, WI

Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a master plan to add more amusement rides including a wooden coaster. This could be #7 for the state! WOW!

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AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Too good to be true! Finally - a local coaster?

I'm not going to hold my breath.

Tim, Green Bay coaster fan who is now anxiously awaiting any further Bay Beach coaster news.

HoliWood Nights May 26-27!(

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More wood.....YEAH! LOL! I hope it comes true for the Green Bay coaster enthusiasts. I might even venture up there for that. Here is to hoping that they get a GCII though just to make it different than the rest of the Wisconsin coasters.

Count me as FOR this move :)


Well - it's been three years and still no news on this. I think they should have bought the Dipper from Geauga Lake when it was for sale and rebuilt it. That would have been sweet. Since I am a whole 5 minutes from the park it would have been awesome to finally have a coaster so close. Here's hoping that it still happens.

Coastin' from Green Bay, WI
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Deja Vu isn't wood, silly!

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It's sometimes fun to go back and see what does and doesn't pan out.

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