New Water Park Being Built!!!

My Uncle who is a construction worker told me that he was in the process of moveing dirt,( he drives a dump truck) and he said the dirt was being moved for a new water park in Pigeon Forge TN. I'm wondering if you may know something more about this, I'm not sure when it set to open.
Hmmmm? That's weird. I don't know anything about this but I'm wondering why they would build another waterpark near Dolly's Splash Country. Splash Country btw is sooooo much fun for those who haven't been.
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E_Tapley0687 said:
but I'm wondering why they would build another waterpark near Dolly's Splash Country.

Probably to make money.

^Ehm, how exactly are they going to make money with DSC right around the bend? I mean, if I were choosing, it'd have to be one heck of a water park to keep me from going to DSC. Besides, there are so many other places that could easily sustain a water park, why go somewhere where they would have to compete? If there really is a new water park coming to pigeon forge, is will probably be either significantly smaller or larger than DSC.
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How does Wendy's make money with a McDonalds's right around the bend?

I have no idea if Pigeon Forge is getting a waterpark, either, but the mere existence of DSC doesn't tell me anything about the market except that it can sustain at least one waterpark. *** Edited 3/25/2007 1:14:18 AM UTC by matt.***

Perhaps its a indoor waterpark/hotel complex? That would make sense, anyone know if Kalahari or Great Wolf are expanding again?

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Could it possibly be that CoasterCraze's uncle is working on the 4 lane highway going almost directly from Sevierville to the entranc to DSC and that maybe this was a misunderstanding? There is lots of dirt being moved about for that! After visiting DSC last year for the first time, I got the impression that the market is saturated in regards to waterparks in that area (no pun intended).
I believe the water park CoasterCraze is refering to will be part of Pigeon Falls Village, a new resort that is under construction on Teaster Lane in Pigeon Forge, about two miles from Dollywood. (Adjacent to the Belz outlet center)

You can see a rendering of the entire development here, though the water park looks to only take up a small portion of the area.

SuperSteve said:
^Ehm, how exactly are they going to make money with DSC right around the bend?

Splash Country and Ogle's Waterpark coexisted fine in Pigeon Forge for two years. Ogle's would still be running today if the owners of the property hadn't sold out to Walden's Landing. (The water park was leasing the land, the sell forced it to close)

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^Nice catch... My apologies CoasterCraze for doubting you...

Didn't Ogles have a rate by time increments in addition to an all day rate? If this new park has a 2 hour or 1/2 day rate, that would definately appeal to some!

Yeah I heard about the Pigeon Falls village too, but I just wasn't sure if they were linked in any way thanks.

hey jshorerzd, thats ok I know that the water park being built maybe hard to belive its that close to DSC, I was thinking that too.

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I have NO doubts that two waterparks could survive (and do QUITE well) in Pigeon Forge.

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