New update for thrillville game for X-Box

Just read a new article with new pics of the thrillville game for x-box looks intresting.


Army Rangers lead the way
Ive been curious about this for a while. I love the opening though lol.

"Don't think of Thrillville as just RollerCoaster Tycoon on consoles. Though the game is being created by the same folks who brought us RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 for the PC"

I guess they don't want to associate themselves with the lackluster port of RCT. I just grabbed an Xbox though, so I guess I'll be checking this out.

Too bad it's on X-Box though (for me). I always get stupid dirty disc errors since I baught an X-Box when Microsoft used the cheaper DVD drives. Hopefully it works then. So, they must have been working on this, and that's why there haven't been any new expansions for RCT3 this year.

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