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Hey everybody! I am new to the forums here and a cedar point season pass holder for the first time this year. I also recently purchased a house with a nice space for my man cave. I have seen the statix displays of cedar point coaster trains and think that something like those would look nice in my room. I was wondering if they are A. worth the price that they charge for them B. offer models of any other coaster trains other than the 3 that I saw on the CP website, and C. are there any other companies that off more detailed replicas of not only CP's coasters, but coasters from other parks around the world?

Thanks in advance and I apologize if this topic was already discussed.

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Various parks have the models, made by the same manufacturers. They're very lightweight plastic, and made to be looked at, not messed with, but I like my Millennium Force train.

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I remember them having a good variety of them in the gift shop across from Dragster. I thought it was more than 3, but I could be wrong.


Actually, aren't the Statix models basically identical in construction to the trains built for the CoasterDynamix models? I think I have heard of people swapping non-working parts on the Statix so that they can run those trains...

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I have a replicas for all three (dragster, millennium, and maverick), like he said above their made of light weight plastic, but they look good where I have them in my room on top of a 4 foot book shelf. There used to be a raptor replica but I believe they are re doing it because of the damage that was occurring during shipping. There is a foreign site that sells them, PM me if you want the link to it, they have a pretty big selection. If your a Cedar Point fanatic buy one of the CP banners, I have one of those, totally worth it if you have a spot for it!

CP Banners? what are those and where can I see them?

Several CP gift shops have re-sold old vinyl banners that previously hung from light posts around the park, and occasionally you can find some old park flags. Here's an example of one of the banners.

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I made mine into my curtains, turns out a lot better than you would think.

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