New spinning coaster for Knott's Berry Farm

I just read a newsletter from Mack that talks about the attractions they sold for 2007.

The most interesting part is that they are building a new coaster at Knott's. What's strange is that it will use trains of free spinning cars! Euromir at Europa Park also use spinning cars, but the rotations are controlled through motors mounted on the cars.

Yehya! That is a pretty good addition for Knotts. From the pics Euromir looks like a decent ride. I wonder where they're gonna kluge this one.

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Cool news!
Do you have a copy of the newsletter?
I didn't receive it personnally, but it was reposted on a french message board, here it is:

Even more Smiles for 2007

Winter period starts with busy schedule

MACK Rides – we make people smile. Even the staffs of the traditional family enterprise have a big smile on their faces as orders for new rides keep coming in. After rather challenging years the future of the amusement industry has brightened up again and results in orders for new MACK Rides.
The trend for family rides is recognizable. In the last few years theme parks mostly set on expensive high thrill rides for a rather limited audience to create an awareness through marketing. Now theme park owners concentrate back on their real target audience – the families. This doesn’t mean that new rides lack in thrills!
This is the true specialty of MACK Rides.


It is especially the individuality, quality and the professional, custom designed theming Made in Germany which creates loyal customers. Almost all new orders for new rides come from customers who own at least 3 or more MACK Rides already.

The SuperSplash is becoming a true favorite among the parks. Even though the basic ride idea is not totally new, MACK Rides positioned their version of the SuperSplash very successfully on the market through offering by far the highest quality standard and value for money. This strengthens the top position of Mack Rides in the water rides segment.

The forth edition of the SuperSplash ride is presently under construction at SeaWorld
San Antonio, Texas. Given the name “Journey to Atlantis” the guests will be surprised by two spinning platforms, a backwards rollercoaster part and a final splashdown. SeaWorld was impressed by this type of ride after visiting Europa-Park in Germany and decided to build a SuperSplash – other than in the two SeaWorld parks in Florida and California where “Journey to Atlantis” are popular Mack Rides Watercoasters.
Yet another SuperSplash will soak guests in 2007 in Taiwan and even more parks show their interest in this ride type for next year and beyond.

Well-known concepts with new twists

A Wild Mouse coaster will wow guests from next year’s spring at the French Nigloland.
It will be the park’s 8th attraction from MACK Rides.
Not only Paris Hilton convinced herself by the quality of MACK Rides during her visit of Munich’s Oktoberfest. The well-known coaster country USA will surprise through a new innovation next year. MACK Rides builds the first modern free spinning coaster with trains instead of single cars at Knott’s Berry Farm to guarantee the requested, high capacity. A patent will give the truly new twist.

The Revolving House is presently experiencing a new popularity. Only recently the third edition of this family illusion ride opened at Everland, Korea and now offers a chilling start - featuring a series of special effects - to the already existing MACK Rides interactive darkride.
Another Revolving House will tickle the senses of the guests by the end of next year at Parc Asterix near Paris. Themed around the heroic stories of Obelix the ride will receive an extensive theming.

Interactive success story

Darkrides with interactive elements are still very popular among theme park owners and guests alike and are to be found in the programme of MACK Rides for many years now in all different varieties.

Parque Isla Magica in Sevilla, Spain will open a very special edition of an interactive darkride in corporation with Heimo Animatronics. Integrated into a large building, which was already used for the Expo 92, guests will experience the wild world of the Pirate "Capitan Balas" in 6 different rooms featuring uncountable targets and a spinning passenger gondola - so no ride is ever like the other.

Also in spring 2007 Europa-Park in Germany will open a new interactive darkride in the Greek area of the park. A special challenge for MACK Rides was to solve the high capacity needs of this popular theme park. A new ride system with custom designed, beautiful Submarine look will guide riders deep undersea where they will face undersea creatures in fun battle.

Yet two more new darkrides are most likely to be built for European customers for 2007 and interactivity is definitively an ongoing trend.

The future

MACK Rides has a series of exciting ideas under development with some to be revealed at the forthcoming IAAPA show in Atlanta. The most precise system for track manufacturing in the industry - zero level method - as well as 225 years of experience in the amusement business will secure the position of MACK Rides as the top manufacturer of high quality family rides.

I wonder how Cedar Fair will feel about the release of this news...
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I've only been complaining about the west coast's lack of any spinning coaster for, like, eternity!

They Live. We Sleep.

Good question Scottt. Has there even been a hint of anything new coming at KBF that I missed?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
They started prepping the site a number of months ago. It's going in Camp Snoopy where the Cordellia K boat ride was.
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Scottt said:I wonder how Cedar Fair will feel about the release of this news...

Pretty sure they knew this information was already "out there"...

Cat, meet bag... ;)

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It was known in some circles at least ;)
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^ Well I'm not in any of those *circles* and I knew about I'd consider that "common knowledge"....
If you look at the Mack site, they offer spinning cars on several of their coasters, Blauer Enzian is one of them.
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I just wonder if it will interact with Monty and/or Jaguar. Heck, Silver Bullet is all right there. Sounds like it could be all tangled "Woodstock's Nest". ;)

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^ That makes me absolutely think of "kite eating tree"...LOL! :)
Pretty smart considering Magic Mountain won't be getting one anytime soon.
Anyone notice how their supersplash flume ride sounds an awful lot like a certain ride from Intamin that we all know & love<when it works that is>?

I wonder how Mack's gonna be able to work out the blocking problems caused by the turntables that the intamin version has been plauged with?

Batwing fan, they already built one of those at Europa Park. Its called the Atlantica Supersplash and Mack had no problems whatsoever with it! Ok, the ride is pretty tame and basic, but they can run 6 16 passengers boats on it.

Scottt said:
Cool news!
Do you have a copy of the newsletter?

Latest press release on Mack's site:


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