New SOARIN' POV -- Sneak Peak...

And while tweaked a little, the new music score is pretty similar to the original.

Can't wait to ride it in person.

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This begs the question, will it smell like elephants?

The transitions are kind of neat. I've been kind of hoping for a soft opening at Epcot, but I'm not sure if they've even taken the construction walls down yet from inside The Land.

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Nice. There was some audience reaction to the elephants; must have smelled like something. And they kept the not-so-hidden Mickey.

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

I like the global feel of the attraction, and the fact they (mostly) kept the score. I don't like that the scene with the elephants looks like it's in slow motion, but maybe that's just the poor recording.

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At Epcot, "Classic Soarin'" as they are calling it will return for an encore from May 27-June 16, and the new film, will then debut on the 17th. One last chance to hear the original score!

Is the domestic version going to conclude with Shanghai fireworks as well or will they stick to Main Street USA? That final scene in the original Soarin' usually ended with such euphoric applause for Disney. Most Americans won't even recognize that city so I wonder how well the climax will translate.

The new score will take an adjustment for sure but the globalized notes are a nice touch. The Taj Mahal/Indian variation is my initial favorite.

I applaud them for revisiting this attraction. Looking forward to trying it.

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