New SeaWorld Orlando river rapids ride, Infinity Falls, will feature largest drop of its kind

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From the press release:

SeaWorld Orlando announces its latest world-class attraction, Infinity Falls, to debut summer 2018. Thrilling rapids will roar through the brand new rainforest river experience, while adventure-seeking guests plunge down the world’s tallest river rapid drop.

“We are constantly looking at new ways to amaze our guests - Infinity Falls will do that, and more,” said Jim Dean, President of SeaWorld Orlando Parks. “From the excitement of the thrilling rapids, to the unique vertical lift element, it will be an adventure that appeals to the entire family. Infinity Falls continues our commitment to investing in our park, and developing new ways to entertain and inspire our guests with meaningful, fun-filled vacations.”

To bring Infinity Falls to life, designers were inspired by the rainforests of South America and the flowing rivers found within. Each raft will twist and turn through a lush jungle environment as guests experience the feel of exhilarating Class IV rapids. A unique vertical elevator will lift each raft for a dramatic launch into the river, 40 feet below.

“Water makes up more than 70% of our planet,” said Brian Morrow, Vice President of Theme Park Design Experience. “We developed Infinity Falls to tell new stories that showcase the beauty and sheer power of water and the amazing wildlife that lives in it. The result is a new river rapids adventure for our guests to explore, and actively help freshwater ecosystems in a way that only SeaWorld can bring to life.”

The addition of Infinity Falls is the perfect addition to SeaWorld’s ever-growing ride portfolio. From the roller coaster thrills of Mako, Manta and Kraken to the water flume fun of Journey to Atlantis, Infinity Falls will soon join the park’s famed attractions as a must-do experience in Orlando.

Infinity Falls will be the centerpiece of a newly themed surrounding area, fully immersing guests in a rainforest canopy. After riding the rapids on Infinity Falls, the entire family can explore the village and take part in interactive experiences that combine play with education to create a positive impact on freshwater ecosystems. SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassadors will also provide up-close encounters with animals native to South America.

Infinity Falls will open at SeaWorld Orlando in summer 2018.

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Another fabulous follow-up after Mako. And the SW parks in San Antonio and San Diego have also had great additions. The only question that still totally perplexes me is why Orlando got a flying coaster when that was pretty much *the last* kind of ride they needed...?

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I can think of a few reasons. It was a newer technology? It was unique to all that is Florida? It lent itself perfectly to a theme? It's thrilling and compact?

It was on sale?

Anyway, I'm glad it's there, even though I don't go to Sea World every visit. I can honestly say it's the favorite of any and all flyers I've ridden. (I don't have Tatsu on my list. It looks big. And scary.)

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I still haven't been on Manta. You'd think after working there a year I would have had it covered.

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To clarify a's ALL about the pretzel loop to me. When I first rode SFoG's ride, my thought (in true RCT fashion) was "too intense for most guests." I stand by that assessment. The lines at SWO seem to validate that opinion.

Oh, and Tatsu is to flight what Manta is to "swooping." They're both FAR better than the S;UF rides, IMO.

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Manta was great, but I could only do it twice. It's hella intense. Either that, or I'm old.

I think it was a good addition, though.

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Manta was a big improvement over the other flyers I've been on but I still wasn't that into it. Its spot on the Cbuzz 100 and 27 makes me firmly believe I just don't get it. Not my thing. But happy others are enjoying. I was fun. I had a chance for a 2nd ride and I passed.

It's kind of shocking SWO doesn't already have one of these. I don't think it will really do anything to differentiate themselves in the Orlando market but I guess anything that keeps people in the park longer and shifts them toward more ride-based experiences is a good thing.

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I liked Manta a lot. While I didn't think it was the best ride ever, I thought it showed the potential for flyers beyond the snoozefest of the S:UF clones. I am sad to see that nobody cares about flyers anymore.

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Agreed. Truth told, flyers aren't my favorite, probably because I feel like it can't possibly hold me in that position. And the Superman rides I took at SFOG and NJ were awful. So it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I climbed on Manta, but I found that one to be thrilling, smooth, and with transitions that didn't make me panic. It was ridiculously slow at the park that day so I rode many times and didn't mind one bit.

And it seems Phantasialand will have one for the 2018 season, but it's a Vekoma Stingray. It looks like an improved version of their sucky original.

As for this new water ride, I like the concept. There's a pretty big drop on Grizzly Mountain, the ride at California's Adventure, so this may be similar. It appears the rafts are 6 seaters, three across from three. A smaller boat may be in order since there's a vertical lift.
Speaking of Phantasialand, they have a Hafema ride that's largely indoors and is one of the best I've ever seen. It also has a vertical lift inside a tower.
Do we know who will make this one?

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I was impressed by Grizzly Mountain. IIRC, there are 2 sizable drops on it, one of which spins(!). If the line hadn't been over an hour (we Fastpassed it) I would've done it multiple times.

I actually liked the original Vekoma flyers better than the B&M's (aside from capacity and downtime, which is a big caveat). The lie-to-fly at the top of the lift was one of the most thrilling experiences I've had on any ride and the swooping around was fairly intense. Also, the drop into the vertical loop and the loop itself were crazy fun. I hope they work the kinks out and can get a reliable model out to the parks.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

My flyer count so far is just Manta, Tatsu, SUF, and cloned Vekoma. I will agree, Manta is very smooth and the setting is just perfect, but the pretzel loop on Tatsu is insanely thrilling. I LOVE IT!!!

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RCMAC said:

Speaking of Phantasialand, they have a Hafema ride that's largely indoors and is one of the best I've ever seen. It also has a vertical lift inside a tower. raft ride I've ever been on. They have a huge whirlpool feature that's just downright freaky!

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Wild Adventures has a Hafema rapids ride (reopened and running again) - with a cool whirlpool...but it is NOT on that level. ;~)

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So, how are Intamin going to screw this one up?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Infinity Falls is going to be similar to this ride at Legoland Billund: . That was the prototype Intamin river rapids with an elevator lift.

Main differences are that the lift and drop will be taller in Florida and the SeaWorld ride will have 8 seaters rafts, like Grizzly River Run at DCA. I am rather curious as to how it will end up.

It's interesting to me that they're using Intamin for this if they've done research on the recent crap Intamin's water rides have been, not to mention that the drop tower was delayed for so long in Florida.

Still, sounds like a good time, and Sea World has done SUCH a nice job with other rides there that I look forward to seeing what they do with the theming and all.

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