New roller coaster reportedly coming to Universal Orlando's Jurassic Park area

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Universal Orlando appears to be making way for a new roller coaster in the "Jurassic Park" section of Islands of Adventure, according to documents reviewed by WFTV.

Read more and see images from WFTV/Orlando.

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Original rumor was a flyer similar to Japan's but now it's rumored to be an Intamin blitz. I am curious how much theme they will add compared to the Potter coaster and how quickly they could get it installed. I think they can get away with a bit more thrill factor in Jurassic Park (or World).

And its a little hard to figure out from the crappy diagram, but it appears to be a fairly large/long ride. And if I’m following the lines correctly it seems to include inversions and maybe a top hat.

At any rate, Uni really seems to be stepping it up in the coaster department lately, which is a good thing for us. There doesn’t seem to be a 3D screen in sight.

The screen will be in the shed.

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Well its about gatdam time :) :)!! Jurassic Park has so much potential. I'll have to contact my mole to see who the manufacturer is going be.

Intamin Blitz makes sense with that layout. Looks like it turns left into that gray shed, incline launch into some sort of diving element, the spaghetti bowl at the beginning could be up high like Cheetah Hunt. After that looks like a long launch track, maybe through a trench/tunnel under the station? Into a top hat, then I’m going to guess that the helix-y thing around the bridge is going to be very close to ground level so as not to ruin the site lines from Hogsmeade. Maybe it’ll go over and under the bridge. Footprint is very close in size to Hulk, so this is no kiddy coaster.

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It's an Aquatrax, bitches!

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Jeff said:

It's an Aquatrax, bitches!

That should be the name of the coaster...

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But then again, what do I know?

Years ago it was rumored (wished?) that IoA would install a B&M flyer themed to Pteranodons or something like that, but I guess SeaWorld's Manta would make that a little redundant (not that it would matter to most tourists). Too bad, because I think flying over that part of the park and the lagoon would be a lot of fun.

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I envision a wing coaster themed to Pteranodons or some other kind of flying dinosaur. I don't know if the layout resembles that kind of ride though. What kind of theme would make sense for a roller coaster in Jurassic World? What kind of story about dinosaurs would go with a coaster that loops, and possibly travels in the air?

Universal is really clever when it comes to fitting ride systems and rider positioning into a theme. The park already has a looping coaster that you ride sitting on your tush (HULK.) I'm expecting a little more than an Intamin Blitz.

I'm probably wrong though. Either way, This excites me more than the new coaster being built in the themed area just next door.

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Universal Japan has a B&M flyer literally called "Flying Dinosaur". Linking to RCDB and not the Coasterbuzz listing because they have photos...

I think Universal is thinking bigger these days and this will be something more immersive than a flyer with a themed name and queue.

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