New Rock 'n Roller queue

Pictures of the new queue:

There are two types of people in the world. People who like coasters and idiots. (new forums have been added)

Did you really link to Screamscape's website on CB?


It's not a sin to link to Screamscape on here. Sure, Lance posts some rumors that are a little too "out there" for some of us to believe, but there is actual news reporting (like this) too. It's not like Screamscape spams members or encourages enthusiasts to be unsafe like the two sites that are not-to-be-named.
I was just under the impression if it was news worthy that you should click on the contribute link and let the moderators do their job.
On topic, I think Disney just added a single rider line and moved the area fastpass riders merge into the standby line. Seems like it should have been like that since the beginning to me.
Even though Rock & Roller was introduced in the same year as FastPass, Disney probably didn't have time to plan for the queue (much less commit to FastPass) at the time.

And as far as single rider lines go, it's really best used on attractions that seat three across (EPCOT's Test Track, USF's Men in Black, Blizzard Beach's chairlift, etc.) as opposed to the more conventional two across. Expedition Everest has a single-rider line and it moves slow as molasses as they will just lump odd-numbered parties together to fill rows completely before turning to the single rider line.

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^I had exactly the opposite experience on EE, and got *plenty* of rides with the SR line. Of course, with the backwards travel, I can't take TOO many laps, 3-4 is my max. for a *ride session*.
The rate that the trains enter and leave the station on Expedition Everest and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster blew me away. Both rides had lines that constantly moved.
Disney is great at moving lines. I got back about 1 week ago from a solo trip to Disney's Florida properties and must say that the single rider lines did move well and seemed to be run with great efficency to me. I did cover most of the 4 major parks in 3 days with rerides on most major rides and also seeing some shows each day.

Watch the tram car please....
What helps on the Disney coaster is that they run an insane amount of trains, as well as keeping it simple for the guests! No seatbelts or groups trying to ride together, etc. Space Mountain at Disneyland is amazing... The thing runs 12 trains with 12 passengers and they dispatch a train every 18-20 seconds!

Another factor is the way the rides are blocked, which leaves no room for the crews to slack off. Space Mountain at DL will go down if more than 2 trains wait behind the stations and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris will also go down if a train is forced to stop behind the stations.

You can contribute a lot of their success with capacity to their cast members too. Like you said, they're always working and always moving people. You'll never see a cast member operating a ride at Disney on their cell phone like at some parks. Disney invests a lot in training and retaining good cast members.

Super Loopy said:
Did you really link to Screamscape's website on CB?


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