New rides make debut at Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach

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Thrill-seekers are finding a few more twists and turns at Family Kingdom Amusement Park this year. The park, off Ocean Boulevard at Third Avenue South, has added four new rides, including a Wild Mouse-style steel roller coaster, two kiddie rides and the Kite Flyer, where riders lay face-down in gondolas.

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Thought for a moment it might be the Arrow mouse from their since departed neighbors- too bad it isn't. Mad Mouse is still listed as being In Storage at Nascar SpeedPark since 2007 when they acquired it. Too bad there weren't and aren't more of these and less of Zamperla's & Reverchon's take on this ride type.

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The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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The coaster coming in has quite the history, it was involved in a fatal accident when it resided at Gillian's. The chain broke/disengaged, and anti-rollbacks on the lift failed.

The Mad Mouse that was at the Pavilion was a really great ride - surprised more of those weren't built. Before spinning mice became ubiquitous, the banked turns of the Arrow Mad Mouses ;~) made them some of the best in the breed (along with the Herschell models).

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