NEW: Park ratings, track record enhancements

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Hey Buzzfolk... I promised that I would start rolling out some changes with the site refresh, so here are some quiet starts on that.

  • Track records: You can now rate a coaster from that coaster's page in our database. In other words, you can now add it to the track record by pushing the "+" sign at the top, then immediately give it a rating without having to go over to the track record page. Hopefully this makes adding rides a little faster.
  • NEW: We're now accepting ratings for amusement parks. This will eventually lead to a similar list to the CoasterBuzz 100, only for parks instead of coasters. Please find parks by clicking the "amusement parks" link at the top then searching, or search in the drop down menu under "more" in the upper right. This is not really a "park record," exactly, but if there is a strong feeling about it, I can compile that list so you can view it.

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