New Park President/CEO named at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Hey there everyone. I'm somewhat new here. I've been a long time reader but just decided to register now to tell you guys about news that has broken about HW & SS that I was surprised to not see mentioned anywhere yet on the site. As a HUGE Holiday World fan, and living only 30 min away, I thought I'd bring you all in the loop. The board of directors has named the parks new president and CEO as Matt Eckert. Dan will be returning to Florida to resume work at his law firm. Here is the link to the press release on the Holiday World website where more information can be found. Sounds like Matt was Will's choice to take his spot.

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This move has a great backstory!

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MUCH praise for Dan for coming in and stepping up during an unanticipated and extremely trying time for HW/SS. Matt E. clearly worked very closely with Will and likely would have assumed more control over the last few years, and apparently the Board feels that Matt is ready to assume the leadership role. I really do believe that the future is extremely bright for HW/SS and that the reins are being taken by a man with a clear vision...

I agree with BOTH of you. Also in a new article at did an interview with Matt and he referecnes Rhino Blaster as instead, Hyena Falls. I don't know if it was a mistake or if HW has decided to change the name to maybe better align it with the Giraffica name of the nearby what used to be called "Pilgrims Plunge". Interesting stuff.... at least to me an avid fan.

Here is a link of another thread I started with a link to an interview Inside Indiana Business did with Matt. There is also a very short sound clip.

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I asked via twitter and got a reply that yes indeed rhino blaster will actually now be called "Hyena Falls"

Good read :)

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Holi-fan said: Is still referring to it as "Rhino Blaster"

Yeah, rhino blaster is so much cooler of a name.

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